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What EAB’s ERG leaders are looking forward to at EmERGe 2024

By Kristina Demou
March 20, 2024

This year’s EmERGe conference will bring together hundreds of employee resource group (ERG) leaders, DEI program managers, and executive sponsors for two days of engaging conversation around the value of and opportunities afforded via ERGs. EmERGe will offer best practices, expert panels, and networking for professionals involved in ERGs to take back to their organizations and influence meaningful change in the communities they serve.

Register to attend Seramount’s EmERGe conference virtually or in person in New York City on May 6–7, 2024, and read on for a preview of what you can look forward to at the event.

What are ERGs?

ERGs are employee-led groups within an organization focused on a shared characteristic or identity, whether that is gender, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, or interest. ERGs are not only a wonderful resource for engaging and supporting historically excluded talent in the workplace, but they’re also a great tool for retaining diverse talent and driving business success.

Seramount is a part of EAB, which currently has four ERGs centered around BIPOC staff, women, mental health, and the LGBTQ+ community. I serve as the vice chair of marketing and communications for our LGBTQ+ ERG, OUT@EAB, and I’m excited to virtually attend the 2024 EmERGe conference to glean insights that can strengthen and innovate our ERG and better our company as a whole.

Why attend EmERGe?

Personal and organizational development

I’m looking forward to EmERGe due to the unique focus on ERG leadership and development. The conference offers a variety of session modalities for both in-person and virtual attendees: keynote presentations, expert panels, networking blocks, and interactive workshops called learning labs.

Across the two days, attendees will build community with other ERG leaders across industries and share information and best practices. Whether your organization has well-established ERGs or you’re just getting started, this conference has something for each stage in the process.

Not only will you learn operational best practices to apply to your organization, but you’ll also have the opportunity to develop individually as a leader, connect with other attendees involved in similar ERGs, and attend specific sessions tailored to career advancement.

Intentional, engaging hybrid format and customizable schedule for all experience levels

As a remote employee, another aspect of EmERGe I’m excited about is its intentional hybrid design. Whether you attend in New York City or from wherever you call home, the event is equipped with the technology and personnel support to ensure everyone has an equitable and engaging experience. This format will allow me to connect with many brilliant ERG leaders across the country. The schedule includes opportunities to listen to experts during keynotes and panels and to get more hands-on during learning labs and networking blocks.

Heading into my second year on an ERG board, I’m excited to expand my toolkit and discover new strategies I can implement in the year ahead. Since EmERGe offers sessions for ERGs of all sizes and maturities, I’m confident that I’ll uncover valuable methods for navigating challenges and increasing business ROI.

The conference offers a customizable agenda format that will allow me to choose the sessions that best fit my interests and specific needs for my ERG. There’s even a Trailblazer Award during the ERG Impact Awards ceremony for newer and smaller ERGs to be recognized for their incredible achievements. I look forward to seeing how Seramount’s array of talented partners is implementing Seramount resources and insights from their partnership to increase the impact of their own ERGs.

Brilliant guest speakers

In addition to Seramount’s team of experts, I’m eager to hear from the guest keynote speaker at EmERGe: journalist V Spehar (known online as @underthedesknews). Based on their background, I already can tell their sessions will be insightful, engaging, and informative. I can’t wait to see what perspectives these speakers bring to our work as ERG leaders.

Intersectional cross-collaboration

While we each have goals for our individual ERGs, we can indeed achieve more together. EmERGe will discuss the value and process of intersectional collaboration to ensure all groups are represented in company values and decisions and welcomed in business spaces. This session definitely stands out to me as one I won’t want to miss—I can’t wait to learn how I can better collaborate with and support my fellow ERG leaders across each of our ERGs at EAB. In addition to a session on intersectional cross-collaboration, EmERGe will also dive into tactics for elevating historically excluded talent and fostering effective partnerships in a corporate environment.

With less than two months until the big event, I’m eagerly counting down to EmERGe 2024. I can’t wait to connect with ERG leaders and DEI program managers across the country and leave the event energized with new ideas to implement in my ERG.

Ready to attend?

Save your seat by registering online, and get ready for two full days of learning, connecting, and elevating your ERG. Hope to see you there!

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