About Us

We Empower Inclusive Workplaces. 

Seramount represents the evolution of an enduring legacy supporting and advancing women in the workplace over the past 40 years to the important work we do today of empowering inclusive workplaces for all. 

Our name is inspired by Mount Saramati — one of the world’s highest peaks — and represents upward progress and our leadership in the DEI space. Our logo reflects a topographical map of the mountain and a fingerprint.  It’s a visual representation of the human side of the work we do and the imprint we leave on the world around us. 

DEI is a dynamic topic and a difficult one to lead—we know because we’ve been there. Our experience launching and leading DEI initiatives and conversations allows us to meet you where you are…whatever your starting point, wherever you want to go.

Our History 

Seramount mirrors the growth and evolution of our company from its original focus on working mothers when the brand launched in 1979 to the important work of empowering inclusive workplaces for all. Since then, our expertise and thought leadership have grown in breadth and depth to meet the growing needs of our clients. Today, we are a driving force for DEI, helping companies create strategies and solutions that translate into real business impact.

As Part of EAB

Seramount has been a leading force in promoting DEI in the corporate market; EAB does the same in higher education. Together, we bridge college-to-career gaps and provide a unique platform for collaboration among higher ed and corporate leaders to address critical gaps that stand in the way of student success and social mobility. .

Top challenges facing employers—building early career talent pipelines, recruiting diverse talent—are intertwined with challenges facing higher ed institutions— student career readiness, employment outcomes, etc.

Seramount and EAB share a deep commitment to taking on these challenges and strengthening communities by finding and sharing transformative ideas to help organizations – be it corporations or colleges and universities – thrive.

Our Leadership

Seramount has a value-driven, women-led, cross-generational leadership team with more than 100 years of collective industry experience.


Our work is meaningful, bold, and action-oriented. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, bring a range of perspectives, and are driven by our mission. We are a fully remote workforce that stays well-connected through collaboration and communication. 

We are looking for talented people who are agile, innovative, and open-minded to join our growing team. We’d love to learn more about what makes you uniquely you.

Come move the needle with us.