DEI Solutions for Chief Diversity Officers

As a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), you face special challenges when it comes to implementing lasting and meaningful organizational change management plans. At Seramount, we are here to help empower you to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

We know that:

What this means is that CDOs need more than simple products to stay on the cutting edge of DEI efforts.

That’s why we created our CDO Collaborative, a community of top-level, corporate DEI leaders dedicated to enacting meaningful change within their organizations.

CDO Collaborative

Join Seramount’s community of committed and progressive DEI leaders dedicated to creating authentic and sustained engagement with DEI among the executive leadership team and across their global organizations. Members benefit from collaborative support in four pillar areas: research, strategy, tactical application, and global thought leadership.


Assess360 is a comprehensive solution designed to help give you a detailed, data-informed big picture of where your culture stands. Take stock of your company’s risk factors, listen to your employees effectively, and align your key stakeholders to empower meaningful progress and ongoing momentum.