Capture the right data to make real progress on your DEI and talent goals.

With Assess360, our team of experts meets you at any point along your solution journey whether you are just starting out and need foundational listening to establish the conversation with your employees or whether you are ready to put your foundational strategies to work.

Let’s Work Together

Make lasting change with Assess360.

Lasting, data-enabled change management

Powered by innovative technology, we are able to capture unparalleled and unfiltered insight into the experiences and perceptions of your workforce. With our unique DEI assessment methodology, we help our partners:

  • Identify levers to drive lasting and meaningful change
  • Engage all stakeholders in driving progress
  • Attract, engage and motivate today’s diverse workforce

Examine your risks.

Don’t wait until you start losing top talent to discover vulnerabilities in your organizational culture. Now more than ever fostering inclusive culture and psychological safety among all employee cohorts and trust between leadership and workforce are crucial to retaining and recruiting key talent.

47% of turnover is due to culture.
Average cost of replacing an employee is 1.5-2x their salary
Annual culture-driven turnover costs $55M / 5K employees

We Listen Differently

It’s always the right time to listen. But how can you be sure you are getting the feedback you need?

Employee voices are the cornerstone of Assess360.

“Holding one Employee Voice Session℠ is like conducting sixty one-on-one interviews at once. I’ve never seen another tool that can gather employee insights in such an engaging way.”

Chief Culture Officer, Global Insurance Company

Employee Voice Session (EVS)

Our Employee Voice Session (EVS) technology brings rich qualitative stories that breathe life into the numbers and put heart behind the metrics.

Our virtual listening sessions engage all employees, giving them a psychologically safe, anonymous solutions-oriented forum.

EVS leverage the best aspects of focus groups with the reach of engagement surveys to get you reliable employee feedback on an actionable scale.

Survey vs EVS vs Focus Group

Engage all of your employee stakeholders for change

To shift the paradigm, stakeholders must engage with your change management strategies, early and often. With Assess360, we bring your stakeholders on board from the beginning, so they feel like an integral part of the progress. We empower you to architect solutions that risk-proof your culture and provide a foundation that can weather any storm.

Make a plan for the future.

Too often, DEI efforts are initiated after a crisis. With Assess360, we know that the most impactful DEI solutions proactively address culture and talent issues before they ever arise. Creating an equitable and inclusive organization is the result of continual and transparent communication.

Our experts employ rigorous analyses to uncover top actionable findings and engagement drivers. This nuanced, data-rich employee portrait illustrates motivators, career expectations, and success factors to guide recommendations across targeted talent cohorts.

Tell us your most audacious DEI and talent goals and we can help make sure your employee stakeholders are on board to help you get from here to there.

Learn how Assess360 can empower your change management.

Our Solutions

No matter what opportunities we discover, we have solutions to address them with you.