Forage Job Simulations

Forage job simulations allow candidates to experience different roles at different companies. Our recruiting platform allows employers to build global brand awareness and identify top talent for hard-to-fill early career roles.

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Empower early-career recruiting teams Supporting Employers at Each Stage Of Recruitment

Early-career recruiters are inundated with undifferentiated applicants, many who are not the right fit for the roles they want. Students who complete an employer’s simulation are more motivated, have more brand affinity and are more prepared, streamlining the recruiting process, from screening to interview to offer.

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Do More with Less Bridge the Gap between Students and Employers

A more efficient and effective recruiting solution


Employers are twice as likely to extend an interview to a simulation completer


Employers are 4 times more likely to extend an offer to a simulation completer

4 million

Number of students worldwide who are using Forage to explore early careers

Of candidates who have completed a simulation


have an increased understanding of the employer


are very likely to apply for a role with the employer


are 4 times more likely to accept an offer

Demystify Your Company and Career Pathways Stand Out to the Next Generation of Talent

Job simulations expose students to different career paths, build skills related to specific roles, and ready students for interviews. They offer a window into your company. Forage’s virtual platform is free, open access and self-paced, making it easy for candidates to prepare for the application process and make informed career decisions.