Solutions and Capabilities

Leading the conversation about the employee experience since 1979

Our expert research, insights, and tools set Seramount apart.

All of our solutions and capabilities are built and delivered by a team of professionals with deep expertise in their field.

No matter where your team stands on DEI, we meet you where you are, and provide expert guidance at all levels.

What We Do

As the talent landscape continues to experience monumental shifts, organizations need new ways to attract, engage, and motivate today’s diverse talent pool.

As an expert partner to organizations, Seramount’s comprehensive set of capabilities address DEI and talent needs through research, assessment, strategy, learning and team development, and events and conferences.

Our strategic areas of expertise include: 

  • diverse talent acquisition, retention, engagement, and growth across the across the HR and DEI ecosystems 
  • culture assessments, diagnosis, and change management 
  • capability building and leadership development 
  • activating ERGs to impact business performance 

Who We Are

We are a diverse, women-led company with over four decades of research and leadership perspectives on topics that shape workplace culture.

Seramount’s value-driven, cross-generational leadership team has helped spur organizational change since its founding in 1979. The collective industry experience of our team members bring tried-and-true expertise, adept knowledge of new workplace and workforce trends and topics, and a range of diverse perspectives.

Seramount knows how to translate complex topics into meaningful actions. Today, Seramount continues to be a driving force for DEI, setting the standard for what it takes to be a truly inclusive workplace for all.

Who We Serve

We serve everyone involved in the extensive, challenging work of championing more inclusive workplaces, from HR and talent professionals to DEI leaders, Chief Diversity Officers, Learning and Development teams, and more.

Our partners include hundreds of global organizations across all industries, from Fortune 500 companies to NGOs to nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Let’s work together.

We see around corners Adaptable solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamics of workplace culture and best practices.

Powered by more than forty years of qualitative and quantitative data on the employee experience, we are able to anticipate changing cultural currents.

Seramount provides a comprehensive DEI partnership, working with you to develop a tailored program based on your organization’s specific, unique needs.

Every plan is built on a foundation of data that provides insight into hidden opportunities and a roadmap to chart your path and progress.

DEI and Talent Solutions

Our proprietary, expert-designed DEI tools, research, and strategies work with your team’s strengths and examine the specific needs of your organization with groundbreaking technology and data-informed methods.

Our unique assessment solution, Assess360, captures the right data to make real progress on your DEI and talent goals.
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CDO Collaborative
Our CDO Collaborative supports Chief Diversity Officers in their role as corporate change agents by providing access to research, C-suite peer groups, and key, high-level training.
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Diversity Best Practices (DBP)
Diversity Best Practices (DBP) membership supports and extends the effectiveness of your DEI team, ERG leaders and allies.
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A more efficient and equitable approach to campus recruiting.
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Events and Conferences
Seramount’s conferences and events build DEI competencies at every level with programming designed to facilitate engagement, learning, conversation and community.
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Learning Solutions
Digital platform and facilitated workshops built to improve performance and a sense of belonging on diverse and dispersed teams.
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