CDO Collaborative

We support Chief Diversity Officers in their role as corporate DEI change agents.

We recognize the immense challenges and rewards that come with the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) role. As a DEI leader, it is not easy to be the constant voice of an inconvenient truth. You need more support and community than ever.

Let’s Work Together

Join the CDO Collaborative today.

Our CDO Collaborative is first and foremost a community of committed and progressive DEI professionals. Our CDO Collaborative members are dedicated to creating authentic and sustained engagement with DEI among the executive leadership team and across their global organizations.

Collaborative members receive three broad pillars of service, including unique convenings, strategic support, and tactical guidance. All three pillars focus on how to shift the narrative on DEI ownership and drive broader accountability for both action and results.

1- Rigorous Research
2- CDO at the Center
3- Applying Lessons Learned

Take advantage of the CDO Collaborative’s pillars today!

Actionable DEI for Leaders

Our rigorous research uncovers innovative and actionable ideas that work.

Our researchers identify where and how CDOs are making real change happen at their companies around the world. The most effective ideas are distilled into implementation blueprints to guide members as they adopt new practices and ways of working.

Harness the power of the peer network

We convene DEI executives to shape breakthrough concepts, then pressure test findings together. 

Our roundtable discussions and experience labs offer space for facilitating dialogue and shared learning.

CDO Roundtables

Private, closed-door, peer-to-peer

Join exclusive groups to examine case-studies and research.

CDO Experience Labs

Immersive, deep-dive learning

Master innovative practices through hands-on working sessions.

Our network of CDO leaders play an integral role in shaping tomorrow’s DEI landscape.

Achieve buy-in for change

We partner with you to implement lessons learned inside your own organizations.

The Collaborative’s work does not end with ideas and advice. Our implementation guidance is customized and goes deep into the “nuts and bolts” of change management from executive briefings to consensus building sessions. We help CDOs win buy-in from business leaders, facilitate critical introductions, and tailor findings to key stakeholders.

Advance the broader DEI conversation

We believe in the power of the collective voices of diversity thought leaders.

Our on-demand presentations and cutting-edge insight reports support CDO change agents in progressing the dialogue on diversity in the workplace and in society.