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Engagement at Scale

Our comprehensive approach to organizational training combines a cohort-based digital learning platform with our facilitator-lead workshops.

Discover Our Transformative Approach to Learning

Empowering Employees and Leaders with New Skills and Competencies

We help truly embed inclusive behaviors and decision making at every level of your organization.

Introducing learning exchanges powered by Nomadic Seramount’s Digital Learning Platform

Experience a new era of learning that combines Seramount’s extensive research and resources about workplace culture with Nomadic’s collaborative learning expertise and leading-edge technology platform. We chose to partner with Nomadic because they have perfected the balance of impact and scale for corporate learning and together, we can evolve the way behaviors and minds are opened for change.

World Class Content Informed by Leading Experts

  • Narrative focused programs designed to spur discussion.
  • Interactive micro-learning elements for self-paced learning journeys
  • Rich library of resources from Seramount’s 40 years of DEI research and insights

Cohort-Based Model Fuels Strong Social Interaction and Builds Community

  • Semi-synchronous, instructor-less model encourages self-paced learning journeys.
  • Social interactions enable collaboration, best practice sharing and idea exchange.
  • Rich library of resources from Seramount’s 40 years of DEI research and insights

Unrivaled completion rates and learner engagement

79% completion rate versus 15% for legacy e-learning platforms

Let’s Work Together

Connect with our experts to lean how our learning solutions can unlock your organization’s full potential.

Transformative Organizational Change Requires Bold and Accountable Leaders Facilitator-Led Workshops

Our learning exchanges are supported with facilitator-led workshops that are customized to executive leadership or specific audiences and can be delivered in-person or virtually.