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We have the right tools your team needs to gain valuable DEI insight

Knowing where you are starting is key when developing an actionable, scalable, and tailored DEI strategy. We partner with your team as expert guides to help you develop and implement DEI strategies that actually work, in the short term and as your company continues to grow.

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We listen Differently Assess360: Our proprietary DEI Assessment tool for guiding holistic cultural change

Developed to give you an accurate and comprehensive view of your organization’s DEI efforts at-a-glance, Assess360 provides three distinct access points to understanding your organization’s culture and DEI needs.

DEI Dashboard

Seramount’s Assess360 comes with an easy-to-use DEI dashboard that shows how your organization’s DEI efforts are performing, across metrics like representation, turnover, promotion rates, succession planning, hiring, entry level pipeline, engagement scores and more.

Employee Voice Sessions (EVS)

When Seramount conducts DEI assessments, we deliver clients a deep, nuanced assessment of their culture by listening to the employees who actively experience it. Powered by innovative technology, EVS is able to capture unparalleled and unfiltered insight into the experiences and perceptions of your workforce.

These virtual listening sessions combine the power of focus groups, quantitative surveys and interview methodologies in a highly engaging, safe, anonymous, and solutions-oriented forum.

DEI Strategy Sessions

We’re your expert guides in building smart DEI strategies, no matter where you are in the process.

We have assembled a diverse team of professionals that bring a unique depth and breadth of global DEI expertise. Our culture of working collaboratively across our team ensures we bring our clients the best thinking and relevant experiences to every challenge they face. Our Research and Advisory services work hand-in-hand with our strategy development and implementation services.

Let’s Build an Effective DEI Strategy Together