DEI Research Partnership

Turn a moment into a movement

Leaders are often expected to quickly deliver on a DEI agenda and declare “mission accomplished.”

We know that real progress in DEI means changing a company’s DNA, not just adding staff and budget or launching more initiatives.

Sustained and systematic change comes from embedding DEI into corporate strategy and integrating DEI metrics into decision-making and management goals. This shift in mindset is the key to unlocking true progress.

Seramount’s DEI Research Partnership helps businesses navigate this fundamental shift in DEI ownership and accountability in order to unlock true progress in this evolving space.

How deep and durable is the C-suite commitment?

95% of corporate executives are committed to helping fight racism, but 79% of those executives feel DEI is blown out of proportion

proprietary four step methodology Rigorous research sets strong foundation for action

Our research methodology is audacious, rigorous and proven, with a four step process that leaves no stone unturned. Keeping the collective experience of the CDO and DEI practitioners at the very center of our process, we deliver actionable guidance to our partners to advance the conversation further and faster.

Seramount's 4 step research process:
1. Literature Review and Expert Interviews
2. Exhaustive Screening for Breakthrough Ideas
3. In-Depth Case Study Research
4. Final Analysis and Recommendation
Seramount’s extensive four step research process is the foundation to advancing DEI within our partner organizations.

From DEI Driven to DEI Enabled Two unique yet complementary programs

Seramount’s DEI Research Partnership is comprised of two offerings – CDO Collaborative and Diversity Best Practices – each driving accountability at different leadership levels of your organization. Together, they position CDOs and their frontline teams as guides that lead the integration of DEI into business and talent strategies. Our goal is to serve as an extension of your team, adding both insight and capacity to support your rapidly changing needs and priorities.

Explore how the CDO Collaborative and Diversity Best Practices can propel your DEI strategy forward:

Support CDO in role as corporate change agent

CDO Collaborative

Designed by and for Chief Diversity Officers, the CDO Collaborative helps CDOs effect change in their own companies and advance the cause of DEI more broadly.

Develop and Increase Capacity of DEI Teams

Diversity Best Practices

DBP is the leading source of research and insights for Corporate DEI teams, providing expert advice, best practices, guides, and tools. DBP extends the effectiveness of your DEI Team, ERG Leaders, and other internal allies.

Discover the power of the DEI Research Partnership.