Patrice M. Palmer

Assistant Dean and OFD Director, Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Institute, Colorado State University College of Business and

CEO & Principal Consultant, eROOT Consulting™️

Patrice M. Palmer (they/them/their pronouns) calls the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Detroit, Michigan home. Patrice is an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion educator and a fellow of London’s Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (RSA). Patrice is a TEDx speaker and intersectional leadership coach who combines cultural storytelling, academic theory, and personal narratives to create a new socio-cultural framework for challenging how DEI shows up in the workplace. Patrice is the inaugural Assistant Dean and Director of JDE&I Initiatives in the College of Business at Colorado State University. Patrice is a current doctoral student at Baylor University; research areas include strategic management focusing on DEI infrastructure, workplace inclusion, and intersectional leadership praxis. In addition to these accomplishments, Patrice is also the CEO and founder of eROOT Consulting, an internationally recognized DEI consulting firm.

Content by Patrice M. Palmer