Reframing the Mission: Extend Your DEI Training to Every Corner of Your Workforce

January 24, 2024 | 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm EST Virtual
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With increased skepticism about the impact of workplace DEI initiatives and DEI fatigue in the headlines, very few organizations are meeting their DEI training goals. Although most companies offer some type of DEI training, many employees still don’t understand how learning inclusive behaviors benefits their career path or their team’s performance.

HR and Talent leaders need new tools that re-define the universal goals and benefits of DEI training to reach more employee groups—including those weary of “woke buzzwords.” In this webinar, we will introduce five learning modules and interactive resources that can help organizations improve interpersonal interactions and workplace behaviors.

Participants Will Hear
Join us to learn how your organization can:
  • Clarify the underlying meaning of foundational DEI concepts
  • Foster employee connections with collaborative, on-demand micro-learning
  • Establish shared practices to build a culture of respect and belonging
  • Measure employee engagement and participation in real time
  • Curate a learning journey relevant to your unique needs and priorities


Headshot James Cowling
James Cowling-Vega
Managing Director and Head of New Partner Development
Shyama Headshot
Shyama Venkateswar
Senior Director, Learning