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Introducing Seramount’s Learning Solutions and the Future of Digital Learning

By Laura Sherbin
June 7, 2023

A New Approach to DEI Training

In a post-2020 world, most organizations know how critical DEI training is to their business success and organizational sustainability. DEI efforts matter a lot to job candidates, especially Millennials and Gen Z, 85% of whom want to work at a culturally compatible company, according to a recent LinkedIn pulse survey. They proactively look for companies that demonstrate a commitment to DEI and compare these commitments when choosing between job offers.  Add to this all the external (economic uncertainty, social issue polarization and political shifts) and internal (disengagement and burnout) forces impacting the workplace today. Quality DEI training is a powerful, scalable way to improve culture, attract and retain talent, change individual and team behavior.

However, so many organizations still struggle to properly deploy effective training that has a lasting effect on culture or critical thinking. In a recent training session, I opened with the ice-breaker question “would you rather attend this mandatory DEI training or have a root canal?”  Many of the participants chose the root canal.

Seramount’s experts have spent years shaping our facilitator-led training to be both engaging and behavior changing. But facilitator-led training is difficult to scale across organizations. Legacy learning management system platforms have different drawbacks.  Employees are often met with one-dimensional videos they either describe as tone deaf, unrealistic, or surface level. This solution has scale, for sure, but low completion rates and low engagement can have lasting negative consequences on your DEI strategy.  We looked at the market and spoke extensively with Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, and other market leaders and partners about the gap in scale-able yet impactful DEI training and decided that we would set out to fill this gap.

Seramount’s World Class Content, Powered by Nomadic’s Leading Edge Technology Platform

Thankfully, we didn’t have to build a solution from scratch. Meet Nomadic, the learning technology platform that powers Seramount’s learning solutions. We chose to partner with Nomadic because they have perfected the balance of impact and scale for corporate learning over 21 years working with companies such as Kaiser Permanente and IBM.  The proof is in their results: Nomadic’s learning platform boasts an impressive 81% completion rate, which is over 5 times the industry average of just 15%.  By combining Seramount’s world class content, informed by leading DEI experts and our extensive research and insights, with Nomadic’s different-in-kind technology platform, we knew we could deliver a unique and comprehensive learning offering.

The Inclusive Advantage, Our Flagship Program

As a powerful complement to our robust library of facilitator-led training, Seramount is excited to announce our flagship digital learning program for employees and leaders at all levels, built for this moment – the Inclusive Advantage.

This program was built to improve performance and a sense of belonging on diverse and dispersed teams. It’s designed to drive real behavior change and new modes of collaboration. It asks questions like:

  • How do you outperform expectations?
  • How do you see things you’ve been missing?
  • How do you listen more?
  • How do you bring your best work-self to work?
  • How do you take care of your team members?
  • How do you find common purpose?

The answers to these questions lead teams to change behavior, to work better together and as a direct result, to outperform.

Collaborative Learning Experience Designed for Engagement at Scale

Th Inclusive Advantage brings the most important DEI topics and discussions to life through powerful narratives, interactive conversations and the voices of notable business leaders Robert Smith, Matthew McCarthy, Lisa Carnoy, and Erika Irish Brown, to name a few. Our digital learning platform is cohort based and semi-synchronous meaning it reaches groups of employees at once and allows them to discuss the content and build upon each other when going through the program at their own pace and in their own time. Gamification keeps learners motivated to not just complete the program and earn a certificate, but to engage deeper with the content, try out concepts, report back to their colleagues, and discuss what the concepts mean for them.

These kinds of social, collaborative interactions enable lasting behavior change, improve organizational culture, and enhance critical thinking and performance. Supplemented by expert research, case studies, and best practice guides that provide real-world examples, learners are able to continue their journey beyond the platform and into their daily workplace interactions.

We know that diverse teams can and should perform better than other teams and that’s why we are excited to share with you Seramount’s new training program that makes space for diverse teams to thrive.

Watch the Seramount webinar on-demand, “Driving Behavior Change and Belonging in Changing Times”.

About the Author

Laura Sherbin
Managing Director, Consulting