What You Need to Know for Return-to-Office Planning: ERGs, Well-Being, Benefits, and Beyond

July 2023

After three long years of uncertainty, pivoting to remote or hybrid work models to accommodate public health concerns, and people shifting focus for better work-life balance, some companies are wondering how to competitively position their return-to-office plans while continuing to support employee well-being. According to a recent survey by BuildRemote, 77 percent of Fortune 100 companies currently operate on a hybrid work schedule, with 18 percent requiring employees to go to the office three times a week, 24 percent having employees go in on one or two days a week, and 14 percent not requiring any in-office time. Furthermore, 29 percent of these companies have reduced their office space footprint, and seven companies have reported they will not make an official return to office and will not require office attendance.

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