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The State of D&I in the Healthcare Industry Part 3

March 2018

The Patient-Centered Care report is the third in a three-part series of Diversity Best Practice studies focused on the healthcare industry.

The first study, Industry Overview, provides a big picture look at healthcare today, and offers a snapshot of the major challenges and trends impacting the industry. The second report: Next Generation Health Workforce – Workplace, takes a deeper dive, examining challenges facing the industry, including workforce shortages, population and marketplace changes, emerging talent needs, and advances in technology – all of which are significantly changing the workplace as we know it.

This third study in the health series explores how leading companies across the healthcare industry – including primary care providers, retail health providers, insurers, medical device manufacturers, and big pharma – are leveraging diversity and inclusion to engage communities and patient populations. New patient-centered approaches focused
on community engagement and health and prevention have taken center stage and become foundational to improving outcomes and bringing down costs. Collaboration has taken the place of competition as organizations across different industry sectors form new partnerships around the shared goal of engaging patients to take more responsibility for their health, and educating and engaging entire communities to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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