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Return to Office, Part One: Guidance for Creating an Inclusive Come-Back Strategy

August 2021

As more of the population becomes vaccinated and life starts to reopen (albeit in fits and starts), corporations are asking, “What does it all look like next?” Can we and should we go back to how things used to function, or has this collective, traumatic experience forever impacted us and formed a new workplace culture? One in three employees have said they will leave their current jobs if required to go back to their workplaces full time, so it seems an impossibility for many companies. With the rise of the Beta, Gamma, and Delta COVID-19 variants, having a flexible plan may be beneficial if another shutdown or other precautions are ahead. 

In this insight paper you will learn: 

  1. Different return to the workplace models through a lens of inclusivity, including hybrid, full in-office, and remote options that will aid leaders in determining what is the right strategy to take.
  2. Data on returning to the workplace, focusing on women, caregivers, POC and WOC, the LGBTQ+ community, PwDs, and generational differences, and how these employee needs and expectations compared to their employers’.

Note: The data reported in this paper is relevant as of the time of publication. This is a fluid situation and regular check-ins with employees and national data/CDC requirements are recommended.

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