Best Practices

Diversity and Inclusion Councils

January 2019

A diversity and inclusion (D&I) council is a group of employees, including senior leaders or executives, that acts on behalf of the company to jumpstart and manage the diversity and inclusion process.

The Council works closely with senior leaders to ensure tight alignment with the organization’s overall business strategy and to help institutionalize human capital practices that support and accelerate D&I goals.

The D&I Council helps create strategic accountability for results, provides governance and oversight on diversity efforts, and promotes company-wide communication on progress. The best councils successfully integrate the D&I program with the company’s mission, operations, strategies, and business objectives.

Diversity councils are a critical driver in fostering real organizational change, establishing a dedicated focus on diversity and inclusion priorities, and managing the D&I program. Moreover, they provide platforms for overseeing and assessing the effectiveness of the D&I function and introducing reform when needed.

The primary role of the Council is to connect D&I activities to a broader business-driven, results-oriented strategy.

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