Best Practices

Building Brand Through Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

January 2019

A diverse population and global marketplace have made diversity and inclusion (D&I) essential components of a company’s brand:

  • Over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent.
  • 50% of candidates won’t consider working for a company with a bad employer brand, no matter how high the salary offer.
  • 56% of professionals said a company’s reputation was the most important factor to consider when contemplating a job offer.
  • The majority of consumers feel executives should take a stand on social issues, and 44% of them will purchase more from brands who do.

Understand who you are communicating your brand to, and what is important to them. Consider the values and interests of employees, customers, suppliers, and prospective talent. Be authentic: today companies are held accountable and expected to practice what they preach.

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