Insight Paper

The Time is Now for Bold Action

January 2021

If ever there was a time that called for bold, inclusive, and intentional leadership, it is now.


Today’s organizations rely on an increasingly diverse workforce that includes people of different generations and demographics with divergent values, views, traditions and belief systems.


A diverse workforce requires bold and inclusive leadership—leaders that are willing to drive change, foster collaboration across differences, and instill a culture in which all members are valued and treated fairly and respectfully.


The first section of the report identifies the personal traits leaders must cultivate to authentically lead through change: self-awareness, cultural competence, empathy and emotional intelligence.


In the second section, we explore the different ways today’s bold and inclusive leaders are aligning their personal commitment to DEI with courageous actions to drive real change.


The final section of the report focuses on the critical importance of accountability, and the different ways the most effective leaders are holding themselves and others responsible for results.

The Time is Now for Bold Action

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