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From Resistance to Results: The Executive Playbook for Leading Through DEI Backlash

March 2024

From leveraging data, outcomes, and allies to own the story to reframing the conversation to increase leadership investment and buy-in, this research explores how today’s DEI and talent leaders can propel organizations forward by countering the narrative, creating space for good-faith questions, fostering inclusive leadership, and navigating evolving DEI definitions.

This report includes:
– Tips for strategically communicating the value proposition of DEI, from reframing the conversation to leveraging data and outcomes to own the narrative.
– How to build strong allies and executive partnerships to counter anti-DEI rhetoric.
– Actionable strategies to overcome DEI resistance, increase employee engagement, and propel DEI initiatives forward.

This research is for you if:
– You’re a leader committed to effective DEI strategy and building a diverse and inclusive workplace.
– You’re feeling overwhelmed by DEI pushback and need guidance.
– You believe in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive innovation and business success.

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