ERG Leadership Handbook

March 2023

The role of employee resource groups (ERGs) has become more critical to organizational success in recent years as ERGs play vital parts in recruiting, retaining and developing essential workers, provide insights and inroads into all diverse communities, and collaborate on innovative solutions to challenging business problems.
As the global workplace changes dramatically through technological advances, political maelstroms and generational attitudes, ERGS have an even more essential part in facilitating discussions about difference and finding solutions to ensure their employers remain competitive.

The questions organizations are asking themselves now, and in the near future, is how best to start, structure and utilize ERGs to maximize their effectiveness. In this handbook, you will find specific tools aimed at both those organizations starting ERGs and those working to bring them to their full capacity.

Note: This Tool was created in 2018, and has been re-uploaded for the benefit of Seramount’s Diversity Best Practices members.

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