Breaking Sponsorship Myths

December 2023
Topics Sponsorship
©2023 by EAB. All Rights Reserved. 1 Breaking Sponsorship Myths A Handout It is not automatically available to anyone who works at the company as a right or remedial help. Sponsorship is NOT: Sponsorship IS: A Guarantee of Promotion It is not a promise of promotion solely based on the sponsor’s advocacy Favoritism Sponsorship is not based on popularity, selfinterest, affinity, and chemistry One-Sided This is not the opportunity for protégés to receive great counseling, coaching, and advice without reciprocity New Anyone who has reached the top has had someone promoting their visibility. Binding Sponsorship relationships do not need to last forever Formalized What is new is making sponsorship an enterprisewide imperative An Earnout Employees are sponsored only when they are performing at the highest level Pathway to promotion Promotion is based on the work, delivery, skills, and perceived readiness of the candidate Talent recognition Sponsorship is based on institutional recognition of high performance, talent, and potential Reciprocal It is a relationship where both protégés and sponsors are givers and receivers of the benefits of the sponsorship relationship Organic Sponsorship relationships grow and expand organically A Mentor Speaks With You While a Sponsor Speaks About You… Mentoring and sponsoring can blend together to the untrained eye. Mentors provide advice and counsel, but sponsors are senior executives with the clout and the desire to advance their protégés. The sponsor and sponsored relationship is beneficial on both ends. The high-level executive can create a reputation of being able to spot and nurture high potential talent. The junior employee has an ally that will offer individual guidance, give critical feedback inside the company and most importantly, stick their neck out and publicly support the individual. This symbiotic relationship has incentive for all involved. Reciprocity is the key to ensuring a successful partnership.

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