Vanessa Santos


#WeAllGrow Latina  

Vanessa Santos Fein is an award-winning entrepreneur, global brand strategist, investor, and heart-centric motivational speaker with success in mindset elevation and personal transformation. A social entrepreneur, Vanessa is a catalyst and thought leader for gender equality, brand amplification, product development, mindset shift, elevating the
voices of BIPOC women and business growth.
Vanessa is co-founder of Bodega Records, where she partners with independent artists to enhance their creative brands and businesses. Vanessa is also a published songwriter
with BMI and a creative partner of recording artist Derik Fein.
Additionally, Vanessa is passionate about advocating for BIPOC women. Her life’s work is to launch women into their power. As a strategic advisor, Vanessa mentors ambitious women of color supporting them to flourish in their lives, careers and entrepreneurial ventures. To further amplify her mission of empowering millions of women, Vanessa serves as Co-CEO & Partner of #WeAllGrow Latina, the most prominent lifestyle and community platform for impactful Latinas and Femme Latines.
Vanessa is a dynamic keynote speaker, and speaks on harnessing the power of your mind, personal branding, small business growth, inclusion in the workplace, and, women’s rights, gender, pay, and investment disparity with the goal of spreading awareness of the value that women bring to the global economy. Vanessa gave the keynote address at Forbes Most Powerful Women in Latin America. She inspires and captivates audiences with her authenticity, humor, and actionable, life-changing advice.

Vanessa lives by pursuing your joy and has been on a mission since leaving the constraints of the corporate world to explore her passions and has tried something new every month. She has since explored getting back to her off-broadway roots, creative writing, dancing, hiking, plant-based cooking, and creating motivational content on TikTok and Instagram.
Vanessa resides in California with her singer-songwriter husband Derik Fein and their two fur babies, Elvis & Teddy.

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