Tom Brunskill

General Manager, Forage


Thomas Brunskill is co-founder and GM of Forage, part of Seramount. In this role, Tom is responsible for driving Forage’s vision and growth.

Before moving to San Francisco in 2018, Tom was a corporate lawyer at a multinational law firm in Australia. It was during his own career journey that Tom discovered that an education and a degree doesn’t necessarily translate to career success or knowing how to do a specific job. After observing the unfair advantage those with access to connections or educational opportunities had, Tom co-founded Forage to provide anyone the ability to gain real-world skills, visibility and confidence through virtual job simulations produced by the world’s top companies.

Today, almost five million students have used Forage to prepare for interviews and land internships at some of the most prestigious and recognizable employers, such as Red Bull, Accenture, BCG, GE Aerospace, and Citi. Forage students are 3.3x more likely to land a job after participating in a job simulation and make up nearly 20% of employers’ early talent hires. By breaking down barriers to gaining workplace-specific skills, Tom hopes to level the opportunity playing field and empower anyone to pursue their dream career.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from The Australian National University. He is based in San Francisco with his young family and is an avid runner.

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