Tinamarie Duff

Global Lead, Differently-Abled People and Business Resource Group

Bristol Myers Squibb

A New York native now living in New Jersey; Tinamarie has worked at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) for more than 20 years holding various leadership roles.

She is currently the Global Lead for BMS’s DAWN (Differently-Abled Workplace Network) people and business resource group, which holds a mission to foster an environment and workplace culture that promotes the value of individuals with disabilities and their contributions to the company mission of helping patients prevail over serious diseases.

DAWN has more than 2,200 members in 20 chapters around the world.

Tinamarie is also a board member of All Wheels Up, a global organization that is conducting research and advocating for a wheelchair spot on commercial aircrafts.

Content by Tinamarie Duff