Penny Killow Headshot

Penny Killow

VP – Business Continuity Manager


Penny Killow has had a career in IT, Business Resilience and Crisis Management. Currently she works as the Global Crisis and Business Continuity Manager for Moody’s Corporation since Feb 2016, based in the London Office but working flexibly from her home in Derbyshire.

In 2020 Penny ‘slept walked’ into her own Menopause missing the signs due to stress and the global oddness that was Covid, it almost resulted in her resigning from her rewarding position.

To ensure that others didn’t follow the same path Penny chose to build awareness and lead an initiative partnered with the Women’s Business Resource Group to introduce the concept of Menopause in the workplace within Moody’s.

2 years later Moody’s is now a UK Menopause Friendly Company – next step the rest of the company worldwide

Content by Penny Killow