Melinda Ramirez headshot

Melinda E. Ramírez

Director of Leadership Development Programs

Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)

Melinda E. Ramírez specializes in leadership development, change management, and team effectiveness. Her primary goal is to help people rise above challenges and thrive. She is passionate about helping individuals unlock their leadership potential, enabling them to lead their teams and organizations more effectively. For over 15 years, Melinda has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies and non-profits to build inclusive workplace cultures. Currently, she is the Director of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement’s Leadership Programs, serving 97,000 members in 13 countries. As a licensed Insights Discovery practitioner, Melinda helps transform leaders by coaching them to better understand themselves, understand others, and maximize the relationships that affect them in the workplace. Melinda’s leadership and executive coaching experience have earned her Influence Digest’s Top 15 Nashville Coaches in 2023 Award. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Bachelor’s degree in English from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY).  

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