Jamell Mitchell Headshot

Jamell G. Mitchell

Global Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence Ecosystem Leader


Jamell G. Mitchell serves as the Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence Global Ecosystem Leader at EY. His experience relative to market trend analysis and business strategies spans close to two decades.

Jamell is responsible for sourcing securing and scaling talent, while curating the broader ecosystem which supports the broader Neurodiversity Movement. He manages teams across the Americas and has worked to drive global adoption of inclusive hiring efforts. He has developed training procedures, analyzed budget reports and implemented best practices within and outside of the space of Neurodiversity.

Jamell sits on the Board of Trustees for Hill-Top Preparatory School in Rosemont PA and Landmark College in Putney VT. He has an MBA with specific focus on Leadership and Finance from Walden University, Minneapolis and holds a BS in Criminal Justice Administration and Planning from John Jay College in New York. He is also a CNP (Certified Neurodiversity Professional) via IBCCESS University.

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