Haley Kalmbach

Senior Software Engineer

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Haley Kalmbach is a Senior Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance. She has been an employee at Liberty Mutual for over 4 years, where she has worked on different internally facing applications. Most recently, she has worked on the creation of the Digital Accessibility Center as part of the DEI initiative.

As the work becomes increasingly more digital, this application was created to provide technical support for ALL employees to ensure they can be successful in their roles. The application was built to be completely accessible, so everyone would be able to use the site.

Haley has a passion for designing and developing applications with an “accessible first” mindset. She believes inclusive design is something that all engineers can incorporate into their development process. It is important to spread awareness around this issue and make sure other engineers know what tools exist to improve the digital accessibility for all.

Content by Haley Kalmbach