Em Roblin

Founder & CEO

Inner Circles

Recently named a Woman of Influence in the She Era by RAYLI Magazine

For over 15 years, Em has been passionately creating experiences that empower people to grow into better leaders, partners, colleagues, parents, friends, etc. Em’s vision is to build an inclusive world where diversity thrives and where people live out their fullest potential. Em’s expertise is in inclusion, creating spaces where people feel valued, seen, and heard for their unique contribution. Thousands of people have gone through her programs which cultivate authenticity, connect people to their humanity, awaken new possibility and inspire positive change.

She has worked with a number of top Fortune 500 companies across Asia Pacific. She’s spent a decade focused on women’s leadership and has worked to solve the challenges faced by top organizations as well as digging deep into how to truly thrive as women, leaders, and role models.

Em is Canadian, and has been based out of Asia since 2006, with an expertise in the greater China region.

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