Dena Barnwell


Spring Forward

Dena Barnwell is a change management and training specialist in higher education where she focuses on the people side of technology changes. Dena is also a certified health education specialist (CHES®), certified community health worker (CCHW), and holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Health Sciences. She is now pursuing a Doctor of Public Health degree at THE Morgan State University.

As the founder of Spring Forward, Dena promotes wellness through workshops and activities on stress management, conflict management, and healthy relationships. She also helps individuals navigate transitions, especially people who are moving away from tightly controlled environments like cults, jails, and prisons. Dena coaches adults who have non-traditional career and academic paths. She strongly believes that leadership starts with self and is best guided by the heart. You are in the best position to captain your ship, but it doesn’t hurt to have help charting the course.

Content by Dena Barnwell