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Colleen Billiot

Public Education Coordinator


Colleen R. Billiot is a citizen of the United Houma Nation and serves as the Public Education Coordinator for the American Indian College Fund. She received a bachelor’s from Tulane University in international relations and master’s in conflict resolution from Georgetown University. Colleen had worked at every level of government before switching to the nonprofit sector and has been in the public relations field for 8 years. She served as the first Communications Specialist for the Administration for Native Americans. Colleen has also provided emergency communications and support during natural disasters and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Louisiana and Texas. She leads several cultural preservation and reclamation projects for her people, notably the Houma Language Project and Tasso Time. Colleen occasionally participates in speaking engagements on a range of topics such as Houma history in Louisiana, Indigenous cultural revival, and the need to go beyond land acknowledgements.

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