The Key to ERG Success: Learning Communities for ERG Leaders and Executive Sponsors

October 11, 2023 | 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm EDT Virtual
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In this rapidly changing talent landscape, employee resource groups (ERGs) play a pivotal role in retaining employees and keeping them engaged. Whether ERG leaders are financially compensated or otherwise incentivized, dedicated professional learning opportunities are critical to combat burnout among the employees and executive sponsors whose dedication helps these communities thrive. These identity-based workplace communities strongly influence employees’ sense of belonging, influencing every stage of the talent lifecycle—from hiring, to engagement, to advancement.

This January, ERG leaders across industries and regions can join peers in a new semi-synchronous learning cohort leading up to Seramount’s annual EmERGE conference focused on activating ERGs. Current or rising ERG leaders and executive sponsors will join forces for live community check-ins, online reflection posts, and a curriculum curated to help employees navigate their ‘day job’ and influential role leading an employee resource group.

Participants Will Hear

Join this webinar to learn how the ERG Leader Learning Exchange can help you:

  • Combat burnout and retain current ERG leaders looking for growth opportunities
  • Create mentorship connections between rising talent and executive sponsors
  • Equip high potential talent to step into leadership roles with more confidence
  • Provide a learning lab for ERG leaders to craft their vision and personal brand
  • Crowdsource best practices for actualizing DEI goals with other companies or regions
  • Maintain momentum and build community leading up to the annual EmERGe conference


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James Cowling-Vega
Managing Director and Head of New Partner Development