CDOC Research Review: GenZ Research Results

February 12, 2024 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST Virtual
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CDOC Member Webinar
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The impact of Gen-Z on the workplace has been a topic of conversation for years as this cohort enters corporate America with a new set of values, interests, and priorities. As the representation of Gen-Z increases in the workplace, it’s more crucial than ever to understand the needs of this generation and how to recruit and retain Gen-Z talent.

Seramount’s Insights Team led extensive research into Gen-Z and their professional values. This research debunks myths about Gen-Z, validates common experiences, and provides recommendations for employers to more effectively meet the needs of the newest generation in the workforce.

Participants Will Hear
  • Relevant, proprietary research findings specifically focused on Gen-Z’s work habits in corporate America
  • Data-backed recommendations to engage, recruit, and retain Gen-Z talent
  • Qualitative feedback and examples directly from Gen-Z to illustrate the quantitative findings
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