2022 Best Companies for Dads Winners

This year’s winners are focusing on inclusive benefits for families, including paid gender-neutral parental leave, paid emergency childcare, bereavement leave after a partner/spouse miscarriage, and more. “The 2022 Best Companies for Dads provide supportive, family-friendly workplace cultures where parents can thrive,” says Subha V. Barry, President of Seramount. “We are proud of the programs and policies our Best Companies have implemented. Employees continue to speak out about their needs, from bereavement leave after a family suffers a miscarriage and reimbursable emergency childcare to more time to bond with new babies, which fathers are actually taking, and these organizations are delivering.”

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The 2022 Seramount Best Companies for Dads application includes more than 400 questions related to leave policies, benefits, childcare, employee resource groups for men and working parents, and more. It surveys the availability and usage of these programs for fathers. This year we added specific questions about bereavement leave after miscarriage and everyday childcare. All applicants receive feedback showing how they compare with other applicants; however, the names of applicants that do not make the list are kept confidential. Company profiles and data come from submitted applications and reflect 2021 data.