2021 Best Companies for Multicultural Women Winners

Corporate America is finally giving multicultural women the attention they deserve. Participation in this survey has almost doubled in the past two years, and organizations on the list are showing progress, especially in top positions. But there’s more work to be done.

2021 Best Companies for Multicultural Women Winners

Key Findings

Best Companies for Multicultural Women 2021
What makes them best? 
84% require diverse interview slates for job applicants
65% require diverse panels of interviewers for job applicant 
75% require gender/race/ethnicity diversity in succession planning slates
95% hold managers accountable for DE&I results 
68% have formal sponsorship
61% offer cultural competence training or sponsors/protegees 
89% have programs to address racial trauma
75% have training on being anti-racist
65% have CEO leading organized discussion on racism


The Best Companies for Multicultural Women application includes more than 250 questions on representation; hiring, attrition and promotion rates; recruitment, retention and advancement programs; and company culture. Our scoring algorithm is based on the previous year’s benchmark results, which then determines the winners.