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Employee Resource Group Spotlight: Johnson & Johnson’s Commitment to Heroes

November 8, 2016
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Veteran’s Leadership Council
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s heritage in caring for the communities in which they live and work includes a commitment to the service men and women who work tirelessly to protect us and our families. Through their Veteran’s Leadership Council (VLC) and its founding mission of “Caring for our Heroes” Johnson & Johnson is working to attract, retain and develop veteran talent, and lead efforts to protect the health and well-being of veterans, active military members and their families.

As a part of this commitment, Johnson & Johnson actively supports programs that share in their mission to support our heroes on the front lines and in the community. Johnson & Johnson has built long-standing partnerships with a variety of non-profit and government organizations that excel in supporting this important mission, including the USO, The George W. Bush Institute, the Travis Manion Foundation and American Corporate Partners (ACP).

Structure and Governance The VLC is one of Johnson & Johnson’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and is open to all employees, regardless of the individual’s military veteran status. While a significant number of VLC members have served, they also welcome members who have not. The VLC consists of a national leadership team of 25 chapters, spanning 10 states with more than 1,400 members nationally.

Johnson & Johnson is deliberate in structuring its ERGs to align with a larger diversity and inclusion strategy, comprised of three core pillars: advance a culture of inclusion, build a diverse workforce for the future, and enhance business results and reputation. The VLC is tasked with helping the organization to attract and develop veteran talent, create a culture of inclusion, positively impact the community, and with their close connection to the needs of the military community, provide insights on diverse customers and markets.

Making an Impact

There are four areas of focus serve as an organizing principle around which the VLC seeks to positively impact the community.

1. Focus on Research: The VLC provides their subject matter expertise to enhance and propel Johnson & Johnson research studies in the areas of mental health. Specific activities include: * Collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson Neuroscience team to support research in Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – two of the “signature injuries” of the recent and ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan * Supported partnership with “One Mind”, a non-profit organization focused on mental health research, by providing subject matter expertise and awareness

2. Enabling Successful Reentry: The VLC has made measurable commitments to engage veterans in the community, supporting not only their employee base, but also attracting valuable talent to the organization by offering career opportunities to those who have served. Specific activities include:

  • Veteran of the Month Program highlights specific contributions made by Veterans across the company to support Johnson & Johnson’s business imperatives
  • A VLC-led initiative updated the Johnson & Johnson Military Leave Policy, which now offers paid transition time-off based on the length of activation for employees who are activated military service members.
  • In partnership with talent acquisition, VLC volunteers staff job-fairs and assist in the veteran hiring process

3. Reenergize and Celebrate Heroes: By continuing to keep Veterans’ issues at the forefront and celebrating heroism all year long, the VLC differentiates Johnson & Johnson and supports the consumer sector by attracting veterans as a consumer-base. Specific activities include:

  • The VLC assisted consumer and marketing colleagues in reaching the military community by promoting sales and advertisements through military channels
  • The VLC supported the design and branding of a special line of “Our Veteran Heroes” Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages; a portion of proceeds went to veteran charities
  • Sponsored baby showers for active duty military families to underscore Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to families

4. Reconnect with the Community: The VLC actively partners with likeminded organizations to address the unique needs of service men and women and their families, especially during the challenging transition back to civilian life.

  • In partnership with the Travis Manion Foundation, the VLC supports the Character Does Matter Program, which assists our nation’s veterans and families by empowering them to take the next step in their personal journeys and inspire the next generation of leaders 
  • The VLC leads local high school programs to educate students on character values (e.g. Integrity, Moral Character) and encourages them to participate in community service events, including meal deliveries and veteran home visits

What’s Next for the Johnson & Johnson VLC? There is much more left in store for the Johnson & Johnson VLC. From establishing and maintaining strong networks dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining talent to partnering with organizations that share Johnson & Johnson’s passion in ensuring our communities are safer, stronger, and healthier, the Johnson & Johnson VLC wants to ensure that heroes and their families are supported each and every day.