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DBP Members Celebrate Hispanic Heritage History Month 2021

By Deanna Keenan
September 13, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month started as a week-long celebration in 1968. Since 1988, it has been a month-long celebration in the U.S. for Americans descended from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The celebration runs from September 15 to October 15, encompassing many Independence Day celebrations for Latin American countries, and Día de la Raza on October 12 that celebrates the cultural diversity of Latin America.

This year, as the Delta variant of COVID-19 is ramping up infection rates across the country, many may be wondering how to safely celebrate the festivals that are usually held during this month. Here are some ways to celebrate Latine culture and achievements while staying safe:

  • ¡VIVA México! 2021: The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center will host its 14th annual Viva México celebration on Thursday, September 16 (virtual) and Saturday, September 18 (in person) from 5-9 p.m. This annual event showcases visual art, dance, and musical performances that explore Mexico’s history through cultural art traditions.
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia: National Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia is a one-hour, fully facilitated online team building game. A host guides teams through a number of knowledge-based challenges and mini-games revolving around the achievements of members of the Hispanic community. The trivia questions span a variety of fields and topics and demonstrate the diversity of the Latine world.
  • Host Lunch and Learns: Employee-driven, lunch and learns are engagement activities, often led by employee resource groups (ERGs), where attendees can listen and learn about specific topics over lunch. Meals are usually provided by the employer and encouraging relevant cuisine to the conversation can make for great conversation!
  • Movie Nights: Virtual movie watching can be a nightmare (we’re not trying to break copyright laws, we promise!). Using an app like Teleparty or Watch2Gether can usually avoid any of these issues. Some suggested movies for Hispanic Heritage Month include:
  • Online Museum Tours: Zoom is for more than meetings these days! Tours of museums, parks, cultural sites, and hosted tours are available at many sites. Some suggested tours for Hispanic Heritage Month include:

Many Diversity Best Practices at Seramount members are doing great things to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, read on to see what some of them are doing:

Allstate Insurance Company

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Allstate has created ERG-hosted events for employees:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off: HHM festivities are fully virtual this year, but that won’t stop Allstate from celebrating the long history, culture, achievements and contributions that Latine individuals have made to the nation!
  • LifeWorks – Mental Health Session: Dr. Yarisa Bonet is the president and founder at Fibrofit Wellness Institute & Fibrofit Corporate Wellness. She is a bilingual life & executive coach, instructional designer, and wellness therapist. She specializes in stress management and human performance. She is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Life & Talent Coach and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator.
  • Immigration Discussion: Allstate is hosting this event to bring awareness to allies that this is a real issue for many Latines and immigrants of other cultures. Allstate hopes to perpetuate more dialogue so members feel heard and understood.
  • Author of Leadership Wizard Marlene Gonzalez: Marlene Gonzalez is the founder and the president of Life coaching group LLC. focusing on Leadership development and executive coaching. She passionately pursues one vision: “To advance, develop and promote minority leaders.” She is a renowned executive coach and facilitator.
  • Merengue Dance Lesson: A virtual dance experience to get members off their seats and move their feet. Allstate wants to teach PLAN members a new style of dance that originates from the Dominican Republic and Haiti, strongly influenced by Venezuelan and Afro-Cuban musical practices.
  • Latina Equal Pay Day Negotiation Discussion: Salary negotiation is one of the many ways to bridge this pay gap. Allstate is excited to bring in Delia Diaz, Allstate Personal Financial Representative and female empowerment champion, to host a negotiation session. Throughout her financial career, she has been honored more than 30 times as one of the top financial specialists in the Midwest region and has proudly uplifted women through financial empowerment seminars.

A Hispanic Heritage Month candidate recruitment social media campaign will focus on quotes from the Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) board and general members to showcase how being part of PLAN has impacted their careers at Allstate.

American Red Cross

Latino Resource Group events include:

  • Latinidad & The Red Cross (Panel Discussion); Mixtape Happy Hour (networking event celebrating Latin Music)
  • Connected through Cooking Happy Hour (focused on Latin foods / live cooking demonstration) and one general happy hour event for new LRG members
  • The Book Club will continue their reading of “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent”
  • Learning session and training titled “The Bilingual Experience” as part of Red Cross’s monthly ongoing Cultural Competency Series sessions; the LRG also launched a Mentoring Program in February and will host a mid-year check-in meeting with mentors/mentees during HHM.

American Red Cross has relaunched its partnership with National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC) and is excited to announce that Carmel Darcy, SVP of Finance and National Co-Sponsor of the Latino Resource Group has been appointed to the NHCC national Board of Directors. The company is hosting an informational session for folks to learn about this partnership and connecting key stakeholders (talent acquisition, supplier diversity, and LRG) to engage. The Red Cross also continues to deploy folks across the country for disaster responses and is better equipped to engage with the Latine Community through the Latine Engagement Teams as well as partnerships with Latino organizations/churches/embassies.

The Red Cross has expanded and enhanced Latine engagement initiatives both internally and externally. The company launched an internal Latino Executive Steering Committee composed of Director-level and above Latine leaders to help advocate for needs within the community and drive change in the workforce. This group has advocated for positive changes within the Red Cross and would love to share more about all of their Latine initiatives as it’s a growing force within the organization.


The Latinos@Baxter Business Resource Group is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month throughout September by recognizing the contributions of people of Hispanic descent. With the theme of “Smiles” (Sonrisas), Latinos@Baxter has planned a variety of activities intended to help employees brighten their work environment and beyond. On September 22, Latinos@Baxter will present its signature event “Harnessing the Power of Humor for Personal Success” with guest speaker Ana Belaval. Belaval, a native of Puerto Rico, is a four-time Emmy Award winner and “Around Town” reporter for Chicago’s WGN Morning News.

As a prelude to Hispanic Heritage Month, and in coordination with Baxter’s Early Career Professionals Business Resource Group, Latinos@Baxter welcomed author and educator Dr. Robert Rodriguez for a discussion of how employees can improve their leadership skills and develop an executive presence. On September 8, Latinos@Baxter celebrated the launch of a new chapter in Mexico. On September 15, Latinos@Baxter will offer a virtual Zumba fitness class.

Throughout September, the Latinos@Baxter team will share information on the company’s internal social media platform focusing on the history, language, and leaders of Latin American descent. This will include a “Latino Leadership” Video Series highlighting the career journeys of Latino leaders from across the organization.

Capital Group

Capital’s Business Resource Community, CG Unidos, has planned a number of virtual events for associates to celebrate Latine/Hispanic Heritage Month (LHHM) around the theme “Unite to Ignite.” Virtual events include:

  • San Antonio Botanical Garden: Frida Kahlo Oasis Exhibit – A captivating rendition of the artist’s iconic blue home, Casa Azul. Uncovers Kahlo’s deep connection with the natural world.
  • The Power of Investing with Louis Barajas & Matt O’Connor – An important dialogue focusing on industry, advisor, and investor interactions servicing the Latinx community.
  • A Conversation with Tejano Singer, Shelly Lares – Veteran Tejano performer will share her career as a LGBTQ+ singer, women and her challenges making the decision to retire to pursue her dream of helping others.
  • Taking Control of Your Financial Future: A Financial Planning Guide for CG Unidos from AYCO.
  • Virtual Samba Dance Class – Bring your dancing shoes! The Samba comes from Brazil and is considered the dance of celebration and joy at Carnival in Rio. Join in to learn the history and basic steps of this beautiful dance.
  • Ojalá: A Story of Latin America and Muslim/Arabic Influence – This event is co-hosted by CG Unidos and CG Salaam to rediscover the ties between these two communities.
  • Book Club: The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea – In this “raucous, moving, and necessary” story by a Pulitzer Prize finalist, the De La Cruzes, a family on the Mexican-American border, celebrate two of their most beloved relatives during a joyous and bittersweet weekend.
  • LHHM Celebration Performance by Los Galleros de San Antonio – A virtual mariachi serenade to close out LHHM celebrations. In addition, they’ve curated resources in a learning pathway for associates to learn more about both the CG Unidos Community and the lived experiences of Latinx/Hispanic community.

Capital One

This fall, Capital One is proud to recognize and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) with a series of virtual programming and events highlighting the historical, cultural, economic, and societal contributions of the Hispanic and Latine communities. The theme of this year’s HHM celebration is Welcome to the Mosaico, celebrating the richness and cultural diversity within the Hispanic and Latine community, with a particular focus on common bonds and challenges. The campaign will celebrate the vibrancy of interconnected cultural and linguistic heritages – bringing the “mosaic” of these differences to life. The Mosaico concept will come to life through physical, social and digital channels, and internal communications.

Throughout HHM, Capital One will celebrate, elevate and advocate for the Hispanic and Latine community and its allies through storytelling, physical transformation of workspaces, and charitable donations. HOLA, Capital One’s Hispanic/Latino Business Resource Group (BRG), will host both enterprise-wide and local virtual programming intended to educate, engage, and empower its members. The line-up includes a fireside chat with Hispanic/Latine elected leadership, featuring representatives from Congress and the judicial branch, keynote addresses with inspirational Latine leaders from a variety of different backgrounds and industries, development sessions with Capital One’s Career Development Center (CDC), workshops on inventorship and digital presence, and a virtual art exhibit, El Arte Habla.

In addition to the above, activities throughout the month will include cooking demos, Latin beverage education, Branch and Cafe Block parties, Cafecito coffee chats, and events that explore the music and culture of the community. Internally, Capital One will create a Landing Page for associates to easily access all HHM related content including:

  • An overview statement for the month Descriptions, graphics and links for the keynote and other featured/high profile events.
  • A link to the HOLA BRG sub-calendar with representation of all other events Snippets from the external social content Hispanic Heritage Month will also be explored through Capital One’s internal Stories of Us video channel.

“Uniquely connected: Exploring identity through three associate stories” will focus on Hispanic Heritage Month and explore what it means to identify as “Hispanic” or “Latine” from people across the larger identity group and ethnicities. Each episode highlights how the company is connected through the human experience in ways not clearly visible at the surface level by collecting short sentiment and experience stories from three different associates.

Capital One is committed to driving meaningful change in an effort to create equity and inclusion for all. The company strives to lead by example – embracing culture, championing equity and creating opportunities for advancement and economic growth for the Hispanic and Latine community. In commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Capital One is partnering with UnidosUS contributing $500K towards breaking down social, economic and systemic barriers. Select Cafes (listed below) will be transformed with the Welcome to the Mosaico look and feel to celebrate the diversity of cultures and experiences that Hispanic and Latine associates represent. This will be achieved through digital and static screens, window clings and a custom Spotify playlist. Cafe Ambassadors will also join in with custom HHM apparel and other swag. The look of the campaign will reflect colorful mosaic patterns to represent the diversity of the Hispanic and Latine cultures, languages, and identities coming together as one underscoring the campaign anthem – *“We are many, but we are also one. One amazing, diverse, passionate group of people. One beautiful work of art, pieced together with love and unity.”

Capital One will also explore the beautiful mosaico of Hispanic and Latine music with a robust digital media buy across media properties that includes Spotify & Pandora. Through this offering, visitors will be able to interact with the campaign, explore the Welcome to the Mosaico custom playlist and learn more about what Capital One is doing to support the Hispanic and Latine communities. A call to action will lead to where visitors will find additional information about Capital One’s HHM campaign and the company’s efforts in the community. Furthermore, Capital One will include Welcome to the Mosaico in the Out Of Home signage at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. Cafes: Brickell Cafe – Miami, Florida Downtown Austin Cafe – Austin, Texas Santa Monica Cafe – Los Angeles, California Scottsdale Cafe – Scottsdale, Arizona Union Square Cafe/ Branch – New York, New York Georgetown Cafe – Washington, DC Branches: Washington Heights Branch – 620 W 181 St, NY 10033 South Bronx Branch – 557 Melrose Ave, Bronx, NY 10455 Houston NW Branch.

In addition to the events listed above, HHM will kick off internally for associates on September 15 with a discussion on financial recovery in the Hispanic/Latine community post-COVID. This candid discussion will be hosted by leaders in the external affairs team and the HOLA BRG accountable executive.

Beginning on September 15, HHM content will be shared across all Capital One’s social channels including Enterprise, Tech, Talent, Cafe and PR. Capital One’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and About Us pages will all be updated with Welcome to the Mosaico headers for a cohesive look across the social platforms. The hashtag #WelcomeToTheMosaico will be used throughout the campaign to highlight content across all the company’s social channels. Colorful mosaic art will be displayed in static displays and animated videos to introduce viewers to the campaign and encourage them to explore how Capital One is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The social campaign will include four Associate stories, which will delve into their cultures, identities and how they found their place in the mosaico of their communities. The company will also share content about the $500K contribution to UnidosUS and the commitment to their Racial Equity Initiative that works to recognize the contributions of the Latine community and the systemic barriers they face.

The company says: “At Capital One, we celebrate the long standing contributions of the Hispanic and Latine community, and strive to create more equitable experiences that help them thrive. Through support of programs, initiatives and investments, we stand committed to breaking down barriers of access and opportunity, to support the social and economic vitality of this growing community.”

Element Fleet Management

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Element’s Latine BRG is hosting a series of events and programming to celebrate Hispanic/Latine culture and promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

  • September 21: Authentic Leadership: Owning your Own Sense of Identity in the Workplace featuring Dr. Robert Rodriguez
  • September 29: Hispanic Heritage Movie Screening: “The Latine List”
  • October 12: Cultural Diversity @ Element panel

Element has also partnered with Esperanza United for their Building Hope event on October 6 from 12:00-12:45pm EST. They will also have social media posts throughout the month celebration.

The Estee Lauder Companies

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), the North America region and our Hispanic Connections Employee Resource Groups (HiC ERG) will be hosting a number of panel discussions and masterclasses during the month. Our North America Region will be hosting two panel discussions:

  • “Latina Representation in Prestige Beauty: A Conversation on the Power of Having Latinas in Front of and Behind the Camera”. This panel will feature Michelle Freyre, Clinique’s Global Brand President and Melissa Barrera, Clinique’s Global Brand Ambassador as well as “The Culture Connection: A Conversation on the Cultural Affinities that Unite the American Latino Experience”.

The Hispanic Connections Employee Resource Group will host a number of masterclasses:

  • “Honoring Your Jefa /Jefe Roots and Celebrating Your Resilience”
  • “Building Jefa / Jefe Bonds: The Latino Leadership Coalition”
  • “Mastering Jefa/Jefe Work-Life Balance”
  • “Celebrating Your Authentic Jefa/ Jefe Style”

In late September, the North America Region will also launch the third issue of The Culture Report, an internal magazine, which will be dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month.

#ELCFamilia. On September 15th, the company will kick-off the celebration of HHM with an Op-ed and post on our Company Instagram

On September 15th the company will kick-off the celebration of HHM with an Op-ed on the ELCO site.


Experian is honored to recognize and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. By 2024, Experian is aiming to increase the Hispanic-Latine employee representation by 43 percent which is reflective of the US labor market. Experian is also developing new credit education resources tailored for the Hispanic-Latine community including the translations of some of the existing resources. Here’s what the company is planning to share more about during HHM:

  • Experian’s new consumer credit education page in Spanish
  • A new Spanish eBook guide on how to improve credit scores titled Comprender y mejorar su puntaje de crédito
  • #ChatdeCredito: Join Experian’s monthly #ChatDeCredito on Twitter as the company discusses important personal finance and credit topics that matter to everyone. Each chat will feature credit educators and personal finance experts to help answer customer questions — and provide insights into smart ways to pay down debt, improve credit scores, prevent identity theft, and invest for the future. These online Twitter chats are hosted in Spanish and English on the first Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. ET on Twitter. The first chat begins at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Experian’s Juntos Employee Resource Group is organizing many opportunities for their employees to get engaged during Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM). While they’re organizing both internal and external events, here’s a sneak peek and some of the events Experian is hosting internally for employees:

  • A month-long digital scavenger hunt
  • A Spanish and Portuguese 101 Class
  • Career development session with Cynthia Medina Carson
  • Real Talks with Wil Lewis: A cross-section of different Hispanic-Latine cultures. Wil Lewis is Experian’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer who leads these internal “real talk” conversations for employees to tackle the hard topics that everyone wants to hear about. Topics like race, gender, sexual identity, and more. Nothing is off-topic during these impactful conversations.

Experian is also encouraging employees to attend any events that the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion partners are hosting for HHM which include:

  • Diversity Best Practices webinar | Sept. 28, 2021, 12:00–1:30 ET.
  • UnidosUS LatinX IncluXion Summit | Oct. 4–5

Experian is proud to sponsor the UnidosUS 2021 LatinX InclusXion Summit as a Silver Sponsor. They’re encouraging any interested employees to join for free on Experian’s dime.

Social Media Actions:

  • HHM Kick-off Message | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram | September 15
  • Experian #CreditChat – HHM | Twitter | September 15
  • HHM Education Post | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram | September 21
  • History of HHM | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram | September 30
  • Experian’s #ChatDeCredito | Twitter | October 7
  • HHM Close-out Message | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram | October 15

All on Experian’s Corporate Social Media channels:

  • Twitter: @experian and @experiannews
  • LinkedIn: @experian
  • Facebook: @experiannews
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube: @experianglobal

Freddie Mac

Making an Impact At Freddie Mac Freddie Mac is building on the commitment to DEI by making an impact with the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement Business Resource Group (HOLA BRG) in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The BRG will commemorate the occasion with virtual events and speakers, including:

  • A keynote address about the impact of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) on Hispanic and Latine communities featuring HSF President, Fidel Vargas.
  • Fireside chat with National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals board member, Nuria Rivera, who will share her story of the positive cultural impacts that have driven her success.

General Mills

In celebration of the Familia (Hispanic/Latine) Heritage Month at General Mills, the company has put together meaningful events with the aim of engaging employees in feeling valued for their contribution to the organization as well as being proud of their heritage. General Mills wants to celebrate the heritage of the Hispanic/Latine Community when they bring their full self to work. To celebrate, General Mills will be hosting the following programs:

  • A kick-off meeting that includes a live panel with three Hispanic/Latine HR executives from different Corporations – a cross-companies collaboration.
  • Sharing a video with General Mills’ talking about their Hispanic/Latine heritage, how they bring differential value to the organization, and how their background impacts the way they impact the results.
  • Hispanic/Latine Awards Nominate tied to the Corporate Behaviors that the company promotes in recognition of the contribution of Hispanic/Latine employees.
  • Sponsored small-group lunches for those that sign up with 4 other members of the network. This is a chance to connect with other employees and celebrate together in a more intimate format.
  • A closing live virtual performance of Carlos Andres Gomez – Colombian American poet – focusing on celebrating the heritage and the values the company shares as Hispanics/Latines in the US. At the end of the performance, General Mills will be giving away Carlos’ poetry book.

Howmet Aerospace

September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to give special recognition to Howmet Aerospace employees of Hispanic heritage. In the Howmet family, there are 2,385 Hispanic employees. That’s more than 11 percent of Howmet’s total workforce! The company is justifiably proud of the success of the wheels business in Mexico to see the impact Howmet’s Hispanic workforce is making.

The company has an intersectional event with the Hispanic and Next Generation Networks, who will be hosting a ‘Meet the Leader’ webinar with Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Chanatry. Mike will be talking about his career, hints, and tips for leadership progression and mentoring.

The company has partnered with the Howmet Foundation to provide a grant in Fullerton, California to be used on promoting health and wellbeing to the Hispanic Community in Orange County.

The Hispanic Network will be profiling members in manufacturing, highlighting their contribution towards company successes

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

This year in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) at the IMF is kicking off the month with a blog post featuring some suggested activities to be sent out to the company’s Diversity Reference Groups. These activities will be for the whole month Sept 15 – Oct 15 highlighting different things to celebrate and show what Hispanic Heritage Month means and why it matters. On Sept 21, the DIO in collaboration with DRGs and the Hispanic/Latine Community will host a virtual discussion on Exploring Identity, Achievements, Challenges, and Future Aspirations of the Latine/Hispanic Community in the U.S.A.

The IMF will also be sharing a blog post on their LinkedIn page during the month’s celebration. Check here for more information.

Lam Research

Lam Research has an Employee Resource Group that focuses on next generation and student success: The vision is to collaborate internally with external organizations from the African American and Latine communities in the Bay Area to expose and introduce more students to STEM programs by fostering and mentoring the creative imaginations of youth participants. Lam Research hopes to create opportunities leading to internships or, better yet, to them forming brand new technologies and their own companies!

Based on this initiative, Lam Research’s ERGs will be hosting events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month tied to their STEM outreach efforts. In addition, Lam Research will participate in a Silicon Valley Hispanic Ball, where an ERG leader will speak. As October 1 also starts Global Diversity Awareness month, Lam Research will incorporate Hispanic Heritage Month into a celebration of global cultures as well.


LinkedIn’s ERG Community will host multiple events for their Hispanic/Latine ERG audience. There will also be internal and external events posted for internal audiences to learn more and get involved. LinkedIn will communicate the event offerings globally and will run a video internally about colorism in the Hispanic and Latine community.

Events are for internal and external stakeholders. Hosting a LinkedIn Live featuring the Head of Equity with a prominent member from LinkedIn’s partner We Are All Human to discuss the responsibility tech has to drive equity in the business. Another LinkedIn Live focused on the multicultural aspects of the Hispanic and Latine community in pursuit of helping members understand the effects of colorism in the Latine community. Every Latine’s colorism experience is unique. Three of LinkedIn’s leaders will participate in two fortune 500 company events. Three leaders in the Hispanic/Latine community will post about on LinkedIn, LinkedIn News will create a storyline populated with relevant stories from HHM for others to track.


Mailchimp will be offering events for employees hosted by their ERGs throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. An example of one event is Get Lit and In the Kitchen. They will be partnering with both internal and external speakers that identify as Afro-Latine/e to explore the very diverse and rich culture of Latinidad. They will also be running a social media campaign to honor and observe Hispanic Heritage Month.


Mcdonald’s will be hosting internal events during Hispanic Heritage Month, including:

  • September 15: HHM Kickoff & Allies Day
  • September 29: Field Office Road Show
  • October 8: HHM Program from HACR’s Yai Vargas
  • October 12: Latine Leadership Development with Dr. Roberto Rodriguez


This Hispanic Heritage Month, Medtronic’s theme is “The Power of One Community.” It’s a month to celebrate, promote, and recognize the value of Hispanic/Latine culture at Medtronic. The company is honoring heritage and recognizing the power of community through a full calendar of diverse and vibrant programming. Medtronic is providing space for ERG members to connect, learn, and thrive with initiatives focused on self-growth and professional development. The company will support and take action toward the causes most impactful in our community. And it’ll celebrate Hispanic heritage by highlighting and honoring traditions and culture.

Internal events include:

  • Speaker Sessions: Featured topics around Hispanic heritage as an asset and source of strength, sponsorship vs. mentorship, Latinas in leadership, COVID impact within the Hispanic community, healthcare disparities in the Hispanic community, and a fireside chat with senior leaders in Medtronic’s Hispanic Latino Network on their career paths and success stories.
  • Tradiciones and Cultural Events: Virtual cooking classes and sessions highlighting heritage and culture from Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Mexico.
  • Health & Wellness Events: Including a webinar with well-being specialists and weekly virtual dance classes.
  • Hispanic Latino Network Signature Event: Engaging 4100+ Hispanic/Latine ERG members in a two-day virtual event to connect, learn, and thrive with initiatives focused on self-growth and professional development.

An external event Medtronic is hosting is:

  • Community Power Hours: Focused on two main areas of health and STEM education, Medtronic employees are coming together to donate to and volunteer with targeted organizations that support the Hispanic and Latine community, and create awareness through education sessions for employees.

Merck & Co.

Under the theme “Esperanza: a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope,” Merck’s Alianza EBRG has prepared a four-week-long calendar of events across all company sites. The company is celebrating the rich and diverse culture and the many significant contributions that Hispanos and Latines make to global economies and societies. This year, the spotlight is on the authentic brand of inclusive leadership of Hispanics and Latines at Merck and the opportunities to succeed. New to this year is a well-balanced hybrid program (virtual and face to face) to reach existing and new members wherever they are in the continuum of pandemic recovery. Below are listed some selected events for illustration purposes.

  • Week 1: CONNECT

“Get to Know Each Other” sessions: Members share their experiences and lessons learned.

“Leading Inclusion from SNG to PR”: A signature event led by our Hispano-Latine AVP leaders.

“Cafecito” Series: Topics relevant to our members presented in an informal setting.

Gastronomy show: Occurring at all sites.

  • Week 2: DISCOVER

“LATAM – The Place to be the Place to Work” Series: Showcasing Merck’s presence in Latin America. Each session shines the spotlight in a different country. Employees are taken on a “virtual tour” in each country and get to know the teams and the communities.

“Your Stories”: Video profiles to amplify the achievements of our members.

  • Week 3: ENGAGE

“Advancing R&D through Diversity” Series: Showcasing Hispano-Latine scientific leaders.

Connexion Professional Series: “Latino Talent Pipeline Building” for the ALIANZA Leadership team.

“How to Accelerate Your Career Growth as a Hispano/Latino”: Outside speaker Jose Pinero coaches the Hispano-Latine community

  • “Becoming a stronger ally and support Hispanos / Latinos in their career journey”: Outside Speaker Jose Pinero speaks to our Ally community.
  • Week 4: CELEBRATE

“Reach Wide”: Events to extend the values of Hispanic Latino culture and embrace diversity.

Previous recordings of keynote addresses and other significant external participation of members, for example, Carmen Villar, VP of Social Business Innovation insights on fighting for equity from the health care industry.

ALIANZA members have an outstanding record as engaged volunteers and active supporters of external organizations. During the HHM, they’re volunteering and contributing to the events organized by: HISPA, an internal Lunch & Learn to engage additional ALIANZA members to become role models and a Kick-Off and Recruiting Event themed “Con Esperanza: Celebrating our Heritage and Commitment to Sharing Stories.”

For social media actions, Merck is posting “Your Stories,” “How you do it,” and other multimedia content internally and on LinkedIn. This year’s challenge, organized by ALIANZA is: “Esperanza is, Hope is,”. See more by searching the hashtags #PweredByInclusion and #HispanicHeritageMonth.

ALIANZA celebrated 25 Years of existence at Merck in 2021 amid the challenges presented by the pandemic. The celebration brought Merck to an “aha” moment as it showcased the many contributions that Hispanics and Latines have made, especially in Merck’s R&D pipeline. The signature event was a frank and open conversation with then CEO, Kenneth Frazier. A strong supporter of Diversity, Kenneth Frazier shared his conviction that his success was in large part mainly due to the Diverse and Inclusive communities that made their cause to “not let him fail”. Alianza is committed to expanding on that legacy.


Moody’s has planned two interactive newsletters, Zoom backgrounds, a recommended book list, music list, and articles on the intranet (MINT) and on Slack. Events include a panel discussion around career development, a leadership spotlight, and a speed network event. Moody’s is excited to continue their ongoing partnership with ALPFA, and will be announcing a special honor in mid-September. They will also be honoring Hispanic/Latine leaders on LinkedIn during the month.


MongoDB is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through initiatives that raise awareness, foster education, and build community. This includes an educational session featuring an employee panel on the Latine experience in the Tech industry, a global Slack channel with daily Latine heritage facts for all employees, and a music and reading playlist curated by members of TUPOC, MongoDB’s affinity group for people of color.


Neustar, a global information services and technology company, celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the launch of its Hispanic/Latinx Employee Resource Group as well as several events and resources to educate and recognize the diverse culture within this community.

Dedicated Resource and Support Site

Neustar will launch an internal education site where employees can find resources to learn about Hispanic/Latine history and find links to other educational sources to help increase awareness of the diversity within this community.

Launch of Employee Resource Group: NeuVoz

Neustar is launching its Hispanic/Latine Employee Resource Group, NeuVoz, during an organization-wide virtual celebration on September 29. NeuVoz’s mission focuses on increasing cultural competencies, elevating the diverse Hispanic and Latinx cultures within Neustar, and adding incremental business value.

The NeuVoz kickoff event will include stories shared by leadership and colleagues. In addition, it will highlight the group’s initiatives and celebrate the diverse Hispanic and Latinx diaspora within the organization.

Neustar Gives Back

Neustar is committed to volunteering time to efforts that drive change and equity through its donation matching program, Neustar Gives Back. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month – and as part of the company’s overall Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Corporate Social Responsibility mission – Neustar will focus its matching efforts to nonprofit organizations that support the Hispanic and Latine communities.

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Neustar will post educational, cultural, and awareness content on its internal and external social media channels.

New York Life Insurance Company

New York Life Insurance Company will be hosting a series of events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate the culture and history of Hispanic Americans.

  • Latin Trivia Night: Trivia event with music from Latin America and around the world.
  • Latine Circle – Financial Literary Series: Money Mindset: A discussion on building financial knowledge and strategies for a positive money mindset.
  • Latine Mixology Session: A fun and interactive session where employees will be making Latin drinks while also learning some interesting facts about them.
  • NYL Latine Market Presents: A Special Chef Cook Along Webinar.
  • The Innocence Project – A discussion of Freedom & Justice: Storytelling event: Employees will hear a powerful story and how they can help.
  • Understanding our Latine Heritage – Employee Panel Discussion: Informative and diverse discussion among NYL employees representing six different Latin countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • Muévelo! Cultural Dance Session: A fun Dance and Fitness session to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Northern Trust

Northern Trust’s Latin Heritage Leadership Council is hosting a number of events for employees to commemorate HHM, including:

  • Virtual Cooking Demonstrations – Demonstrations and discussions around foods and beverages found in the Chicagoland area.
  • Virtual Book Club: Short Read-Big Talk.
  • Virtual table talk hosted by Ariana A. Vanna to discuss the book Tell Me How It Ends by Valeria Luiselli.
  • Virtual Cheese Tour-a one hour educational program featuring cheeses produced by Latines.

The company’s Chicago chapter is hosting a no-contact supply drive to benefit St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly and the Tempe chapter is partnering with Heritage Square to bring volunteer and membership opportunities to employees.

Northern Trust’s Latin Heritage Leadership Council is excited to bring virtual programming to employees to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month 2021. Through the planned programs, the group is inviting employees across North America to engage and learn more about the contributions that Americans tracing their roots to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean have made to American society and culture.


SOL, Sodexo’s Employee Business Group for Latines, is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) with the theme of Personal Commitment To Advance Our Communities. SOL is inviting everyone to make a personal commitment to improve the Quality of Life in the workplace, as well as for children, adults and seniors in the Latine community.

As part of their celebration, SOL is hosting their signature SOLebration featuring events during the month including two lunch and learns, a movie night and a virtual roundtable.

  • The first lunch and learn will focus on Courageous Leadership and explore how to navigate making difficult decisions as individuals take on more responsibility in their careers.
  • The second lunch and learn focuses on Social Intelligence. Participants will become more confident in their social situations by learning how to express and interrupt social cues, understand their environment, and have a positive influence in interactions.

As part of their networking and connecting with members and allies, SOL will host a movie night of In The Heights. Wrapping up HHM, will be the Social Impact: Our Community and Our People roundtable featuring the impact SOL is having in the Hispanic/Latine community and in the company.

TD Bank

For Hispanic Heritage Month, TD Bank will be hosting the following employee-only events, hosted by their ERGs:

  • September 15: “Yo Soy (I AM)-When Authenticity and Culture Unite”
  • September 17: Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off Mixer
  • October 7: Personal Branding Workshop
  • October 12: “Be Proud of Your Past, Embrace the Future”
  • October 13: Enterprise Hispanic Heritage Summit

Burson, Cohn, & Wolfe 

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Burson, Cohn, & Wolfe (BCW) will be celebrating in the following ways: 

  • HHM-themed cookbook to celebrate the different flavors and traditions experienced by employees. 
  • An internal webinar at the end of the month, recapping the successes and areas of improvement for how HHM was observed and how the company can highlight and lift up the community beyond HHM. 
  • Creating a HHM Client POV guide to aid clients and external partners on best practices for how to communicate with the Hispanic/Latine population. 
  • Launching a social campaign elevating the voices of BCW’s Hispanic/Latine employees. 

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is holding the followingevents:

  • September 22 & 29: The company invited employees to attend an online session -“The Impact of COVID-19 on Ohio’s Hispanic and Latinx Communities”. The event is hosted by the National Hispanic and Latino Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network and will focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate mental health impact on communities of color, focusing on Ohio’s Hispanic communities.
  • September 30: Employees are invited to FedTalk: Small, minority-and Women-Owned Businesses: Challenges, Opportunities, and Successes. This session will explore trends currently impacting small-minority-and women-owned businesses and share information about the Bank’s supplier diversity program. A panel of experts and discovery of insights from the Small Business Credit Survey will also be part of the event. Registration is available at
  • October 13: LatinxExperience at the Fed -America Prospers: The Rising Latino Contribution. Employees will join a virtual presentation and panel discussion on the key drivers of the Latino Economy in America, hosted by LatinXperience in partnership with Latino Donor Collaborative and FRB Research and Community Development teams.•October 15: The Somos Uno Resource Network Group (RNG) is hosting a conversation with a member of an external equity & inclusion advisory council. The event will discuss the importance of building connections, solidarity, and raising hope across communities.
  • Check out the Cleveland Fed’s social media channels for employee highlights all month long. Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Health Care Service Corporation 

Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company (HCSC)’s Latinos for Advancement (LA) BRG will offer a unique month-long celebration of the diversity that makes up the rich culture and heritage of Hispanics during the 2021 Hispanic Heritage event. This year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme, “ESPERANZA: A CELEBRATION OF HISPANIC HERITAGE AND HOPE”, will highlight the company’s history and future opportunities within local communities by providing informative and cultural events pertaining to Hispanic contributions, culture and community ties that positively enrich society. The month-long event will be kicked off with a ‘Spotlight on Leadership’ event featuring Janice Torrez, the current New Mexico plan president and LA executive sponsor. 

Following the kickoff, LA will host additional cultural events to educate and engage LA members and employees in celebrating Latine food, wellness, and leadership. This year’s celebration is presented collectively by all LA BRG Chapters in a virtual format, including the following events: 

September 22: Spotlight on Leadership Wednesday, Opening Ceremony with the New Mexico Plan President and LA Executive Sponsor, Janice Torrez 

  • September 28: Presentation from Motiva on Diabetes Awareness. This conversation will explore how diabetes disproportionally impacts the Latinx community and will offer healthy eating and wellness tips to help manage diabetes. 
  • October 5: Virtual Cooking Class with FLIK. HCSC employees will have a chance to cook along with the in-house nutritionist. The menu for this fun event includes Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Mango Avocado Salsa, and Fresas con crema for dessert! Recipe packet will be distributed prior to the event so employees can buy their ingredients beforehand and cook along. 
  • October 13: Keynote Speaker: Patricia Mota with HACE. LA will feature guest speaker Patricia Mota, President and CEO of the HACE organization. The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) is a national non-profit dedicated to the employment, development, and advancement of current and aspiring Latino professionals. She leads the HACE organization with the vision to empower others to achieve their highest potential for themselves and the communities they serve. 
  • October 14: Connecting with the Latino Consumer with Guest Speaker Dr. Raul Font. LA welcomes Dr. Raul Font, President of Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA). He’ll provide insights on culture, communication, and how to connect with the Latino consumer. LCDA targets low-income family needs in Oklahoma. Dr. Font is responsible for implementing policies and overseeing all community development programs. He is also a Cultural Studies College Professor at Langston University in Oklahoma City. This event is being held in collaboration the Oklahoma Latino Strategy Workgroup. 


For Hispanic Heritage Month, ViacomCBS will be hosting the following events to celebrate: 

  • Multicultural Community in The Casagrandes Panel 
  • #SomosUnidos? Si Se Puede! Panel w/ Claudia Romo Edelman 
  • De Aquí, De Allá News Panel, Latinx Representation & Voting Rights – The Federal Perspective  
  • Change Agents: Latinxs in Soccer Panel 
  • A Fireside Chat with Ada Ferrer 
  • Buen Provecho! Cooking Class 

The company will also be performing a Talent Social Media Campaign under the hashtags #SomosUnidos #SiemprePresente. 

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Banks’ Latino BRGs have planned a variety of events and activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Here is some of what’s in store:

  • The Cincinnati Latino BRG will host a virtual Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff event that will recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic and Latine Americans. They will also host a Fiesta Latina event featuring food, music, performances and a discussion about diversity in the workplace.
  • The Chicago Latino BRG hosted a school supplies drive during the month of August and they delivered the items to a local school as a way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. They will also host an employee celebration with the other Chicago BRG groups to promote inclusion.
  • The Indiana BRG plans to support a local small Latine-owned restaurant throughout the month.
  • The members of the Northern Ohio Multicultural BRG will host a session that will feature a guest speaker to discuss strategies and systems to diversify workplaces and empower Latine individuals.
  • The Eastern Michigan BRG members will celebrate virtually by sending out facts throughout the month about Hispanic Heritage Month. They will also e-mail links to employees where people can learn about various Spanish-language movies, television shows, books and podcasts. They will also donate art supplies to a local art academy that supports Latine youth. 
  • In North Carolina, BRG members will do a virtual presentation about Hispanic Heritage Month during the Carolina Small Business Development Fund’s Celebracion del Mes de la Hispanidad. Members will also attend a local event that will feature a cooking demo of Latino cuisine.
  • In Western Michigan, the BRG is hosting a hybrid virtual and in-person event that will focus on food, music and art. They will host networking icebreakers, share family history and recipes, and give raffles and prizes

Learn more about Fifth Third’s BRG groups and diversity efforts at

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