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Attract Top Talent, Reduce Turnover with DEI Assessment and Awards

By Michael Nicholson
December 27, 2023

Embrace Inclusion, Elevate Your Business

In today’s competitive talent landscape, embracing workplace inclusion is not just an ethical imperative; it’s a competitive advantage. Studies consistently show that companies with strong DEI programs outperform their peers in employee engagement, recruitment and retention, and overall profitability. Recent research consistently proves inclusive companies dominate:

Fuel Your DEI Engine: Rise Above with Recognition

Actively participating in DEI competitions keeps organizations aligned with industry best practices, providing a holistic view of progress across all major aspects of workplace inclusion. Securing major DEI awards and certifications strategically positions companies as preferred employers.

Measure and Improve

DEI competition scorecards and results offer all participants an improvement roadmap by evaluating existing inclusion efforts, spotlighting successful tactics, and pinpointing problem areas to address.

4 Key Benefits of Top-Tier DEI Competitions

1. Social Proof

Success in leading DEI competitions enhances employer reputation and brand, serving as a valuable tool for recruitment and retention of top talent.

Informed by rigorous research, best-in-class competitions offer a real-time overview of the DEI landscape, with evaluation criteria covering top trends.

3. Assessment

In-depth data collection across key focus areas uncovers initial unseen opportunities, followed by an impartial, third-party inclusion audit assessing the organization’s progress.

4. Benchmarking

Major competitions offer comprehensive competitive intelligence, including scorecards and benchmarking to guide ongoing improvement efforts.

Beyond Competitions: Igniting Inclusion with Internal Campaigns

From innovative self-ID campaigns incorporating gamified digital scorekeeping and raffles to impactful calls to action crowdsourcing accessible assistive technology ideas, in-house competitions can play an equally critical role in advancing an organization’s DEI outcomes. Awards honoring individuals can act as powerful reminders of a company’s commitment to core principles, while internal competitions and challenges can provide dynamic avenues for sourcing new insights and driving workplace inclusion forward.

“For the past 14 years that UBS has been named one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Parents, we have been honored to nominate a ‘UBS Working Parent of the Year’—an exemplary working parent who not only excels and contributes as a leader in their respective team, but also balances family life. Honorees could be working parents who are great mentors, have made significant contributions to their community or company, or have overcome personal or professional obstacles.”

                 Seramount Interview, UBS

Awards and Certifications: Best Practices

According to Seramount experts, the importance of participating in the right competitions cannot be overstated. Seramount runs research-based, holistic, and global competitions, highlighting the need to capture a 360-degree view of inclusion. Emphasizing the value of unbiased competitions—those free of pay-to-play dynamics—our research team has developed a suite of lists and indices with a proven history of excellence and a reliance on objective, quantitative data. For best results, Seramount researchers suggest applying consistently to systematically track the progress of company culture strategy year over year.

“Award-winning DEI and talent organizations are consistently measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of their policies, and by doing so, they are taking initiative to build a culture of belonging.”

          Katie Oertli Mooney, Managing Director, Seramount

Case Study: Seramount Best Companies Lists

Since 1986, Seramount has surveyed the world’s leading organizations committed to women’s advancement, diversity and inclusion, and family-friendly workplace culture. Seramount’s lists and indices set the standard for best practices around workplace policies, with rigorous measurement enabling the implementation of programs improving all aspects of corporate culture.

Submission to Seramount’s lists and indices by way of the Annual Application is the first step a company can take to assess the state of its cultural landscape and the success of its inclusion efforts. All organizations with more than 500 employees and a commitment to foster a positive and productive environment are eligible to apply.

Hundreds of organizations dedicated to attracting and retaining top talent participate each year across an array of industries, from finance and technology to retail and pharma. There is no cost to apply, and confidentiality is assured for non-selected companies.

One Application, Endless Possibilities

With a single application, applicants gain access to five world-renowned competitions:

This year’s winners continued to raise the bar by providing inclusive benefits for families, including paid gender-neutral parental leave, subsidized childcare, bereavement leave following miscarriage, reimbursement for fertility expenses, and supplemental mental health benefits for all employees.

Interested in partnering with Seramount to advance your DEI assessment and recognition strategy? Contact us.

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