Insight Paper

Top 10 DEI and Talent Practices for 2024

January 2024

In 2024, DEI and Talent leaders face unprecedented challenges—from expanding responsibilities and tightening budgets to the emergence of new legal and political risks. Despite these hurdles, they continue to innovate, navigate cultural crises, and develop new markets. Now more than ever, leading organizations are adapting cutting-edge tactics to fortify their positions, collaboratively developing an even more bulletproof case for DEI.

The shifting landscape calls for CDOs (Chief Diversity Officers) and CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officers) to reflect on the most impactful strategies for promoting workplace inclusion. Widespread reports of new imperatives to demonstrate value, scale impact, and redefine roles underscore the urgency of these discussions. This report distills Seramount’s wealth of industry knowledge related to the mindsets and toolkits of the world’s most accomplished DEI and talent leaders.

Top DEI and Talent Practices for 2024 Attitudes, Alliances, and Advances


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