What We Do

Leading the DEI conversation since 1979

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a dynamic topic and a difficult one to lead—we know because we’ve been there.

We are a diverse, women-led company with over four decades of research and leadership perspectives on topics that shape workplace culture.

A market pioneer,
Seramount was influential in advancing women in the workplace.

Seramount knows how to translate complex topics into meaningful actions.
Today, Seramount continues to be a driving force for DEI, setting the standard for what it takes to be a truly inclusive workplace for all.

As the talent landscape continues to experience monumental shifts, organizations need new ways to attract, engage, and motivate today’s diverse talent pool.

We see around corners Adaptable solutions that meet the needs of a changing workplace culture and evolution of DEI

Powered by more than forty years of qualitative and quantitative data on the employee experience, we are able to anticipate changing cultural currents.

Seramount provides a comprehensive DEI partnership, working with you to develop a tailored program based on your organization’s specific, unique needs.

Every plan is built on a foundation of data that provides insight into hidden opportunities and a roadmap to chart your path and progress.

DEI Research Partnership

Seramount’s membership programs, the CDO Collaborative and Diversity Best Practices, position CDOs and their frontline teams as guides that lead the integration of DEI into business and talent strategies. Unlock systemic change in your organization through a comprehensive range of learning resources, strategic support, and tactical guidance for DEI change-makers.

Our expertise Seramount is an expert partner for addressing critical DEI needs.

What we do:

  • Develop sustainable, realistic, and impactful DEI plans to help your company grow
  • Deliver custom assessments across HR and DEI ecosystem
  • Create talent strategies to attract, develop, advance, and retain diverse talent

Areas of expertise:

  • Employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction
  • Diverse talent acquisition, retention, engagement, and growth
  • Culture assessment, diagnosis, and evolution
  • Capability building and leadership development
  • Future of work, including work-life integration, benefits and policies

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