Career Ascent

A next-generation campus recruiting solution

Organizations spend more than $6K to hire an early career candidate and it takes 11 weeks on average to source and hire early career talent.

Retaining this hard-won talent is also increasingly difficult, with more than a third of early career hires leaving after 3 years. Both students and employers need a new approach.

An Efficient and Equitable Campus Recruiting Solution Introducing CareerAscent

It’s time for a new approach to campus recruiting.

Built for early-talent recruiters, CareerAscent addresses resource constraints, inefficient processes, and limited access to new student networks that organizations face.

Expanded, Diverse Student Network

Talent sourced from a diverse network of students at campuses outside of traditional target schools

Curated Candidates

Decreased volume of unqualified candidates, reduce burden and save time for campus recruiters

Greater Candidate Engagement

Leverages career counselors and advisors to ensure that students are set up for success

Reimagine campus recruiting with CareerAscent

A More Efficient and Equitable Approach to Campus Recruiting

CareerAscent addresses the universal challenges limiting campus recruiting today. We help you expand your network of candidates by sourcing talent outside of traditional target schools. And we reduced the burden on both campus recruiting and students by ensuring that our candidates are both qualified and engaged in the process from the start. Here’s how.

CareerAscent’s Four Key Components

Identify the Right Campuses to Recruit from – and Not to Recruit From

Deciding where to recruit new talent is not a straightforward decision. We have the data to help recruiting teams make informed decisions that support their talent pipeline needs. Our Campus Targeting Reports provide an easy-to-digest and actionable recommendation on which campuses to target in order to best achieve your early career hiring goals.

Get Your Employer Brand to Stand Out to the Students You Want

Today’s students care about benefits like tuition assistance, remote work options and want to know if their future employer has growth pathways for people like them. CareerAscent’s unique profile tools showcase your brand to highlight attributes that matter most to students.

Receive Candidates that Fit Best with Your Organization and Role

It all starts with a single profile – a universal job application – that gives candidates opportunity to tell their holistic story. At the same time, we work with our employer partners to build out the attributes they are looking for, role by role. Finally, our algorithm anonymously matches the right-fit candidates with the right-fit organizations and roles…and eliminates unconscious bias in the match process.

Access Seramount’s Best in Class Recruiting Practices for Diverse Talent

Our talent center of excellence is led by expert advisors who can support your recruiting efforts at all stages of talent acquisition. From tools and guides to webinars, we offer a wide range of actionable insights and practical resources for elevating your diversity recruiting efforts.