Research Report

Understanding Global DEI Success: Corporate and Local Implications

July 2024

The business world is increasingly global. Consider this: 90 percent of Seramount’s Chief Diversity Officer Collaborative (CDOC) and Diversity Best Practices (DBP) partners have global operations, and those that don’t have global operations rely extensively on the global supply chain.

Understanding local, country-specific cultural norms is vital to developing a talented and innovative workforce, maximizing engagement, and successfully navigating suppliers, customers, and clients. Yet Seramount’s research finds that many DEI efforts, especially those that started in the United States, do not consistently or successfully reach local talent and markets. Our research examines the best ways to build global corporate DEI structures that maximize local cultural competence. This research is applicable to companies new to global corporate DEI efforts, to those struggling to succeed across different countries, and to those that have been in the space for some time but still see areas to continue to improve.

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