Learning and Team Development

Develop your team’s DEI muscle at every level

We offer several paths of support on your journey to implementing DEI strategically throughout your organization.

Workshops and Learning Sessions

Our workshops and leadership sessions introduce new concepts that align to learning objectives and allow for participants to demonstrate their proficiency with new behaviors using real-life techniques. They empower leaders to lead, to educate others and to act on research and data.

Designed to build core DEI competencies and leadership skills, our expert moderators lead safe, virtual 60-minute workshops for up to 100 participants.

How to Be an Upstander
Learn techniques to address racism actively in the moment, and mitigate barriers to action.
How to Be an Inclusive Colleague
Understand what it takes to be a true ally, how to overcome barriers and best practices for inclusive behaviors.
Having essential conversations
Discover a new process for establishing ground rules, navigating hot buttons, and encouraging open dialogue.
Dialogue on Inclusive Leadership
Intimate and powerful small group reflections discussion.
Executive Storytelling and Coaching
Co-create personal diversity stories for executives’ public face.
Sponsorship and Relationship Capital
Accelerate career advancement of diverse talent and understand the barriers and best practices to building relationships on both sides.

Diversity Best Practices

As a Diversity Best Practices member, you’ll receive 12 months of support that includes unlimited access to our research and resource materials and on-demand access to our DEI experts for an advisory session or custom research.

Conferences and Events

Informed by trending research, our in-person and virtual programs are designed to support your leadership skill building and develop capabilities that foster inclusive cultures.

Our member events further conversations for change with an intimate group of your DEI peers and cover everything from cutting-edge talent strategies to next practices in DEI.

Web seminars amplify the work that organizations, individuals, and ERGs do to create inclusive workplaces and communities for people across all dimensions of diversity.