Critical Moments Employee Voice Sessions

During critical cultural moments, it is important that organizations provide a safe space for employees to voice their concerns, anxieties, ideas, and more. Learn what your employees are experiencing as it relates to their workplace needs to ensure that your DEI strategy is on track to retain your most crucial (and at-risk) talent during these tumultuous times.   

The Great Reshuffling

The workforce is going through tremendous change:  

48% of America’s working population is actively job searching or watching for opportunities (GALLUP)  

– Millenial, Gen Z, Black, and Hispanic employees are more likely to say they’re looking for new employment opportunities (SHRM)

– One in three women says they have considered downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce this year (Lean In

What We’ll Target

– How many employees have one foot out the door and how do they view their prospects for career development

– The unique and nuanced reasons your employees are considering leaving 

– The most impactful changes or actions that would help your employees stay 

What is an EVS?

An Employee Voice Session – or EVS – is a 60-90 minute anonymous online focus group that gathers both quantitative and qualitative data in a highly engaging, safe, and solutions-oriented forum. 

Project Steps


  • Determine target population and timeline  
  • Design invitation strategy and outreach approach 


  • Conduct Employee Voice Sessions 
  • Analyze insights, identify key themes and assess implications  
  • Identify relevant best practices 


  • Create aggregate report of key findings and recommendations 
  • Share findings and implications with key stakeholders 

Learn what your employees are experiencing as it relates to their workplace needs.