Assessment and Benchmarking

Our assessment and benchmarking offerings provide an evidence-based approach for addressing complex DEI challenges.

They serve as a practical starting point for DEI and talent strategies or a way to probe into a particular issue. We use robust quantitative and qualitative data analysis to build a distinctive map of workplace culture that can be analyzed by talent segment, business unit, geographic location, or executive team leader.

We listen differently Employee Voice Session: Our proprietary tool for guiding cultural change

We deliver clients a deep, nuanced assessment of their culture by listening to the employees experiencing it. Powered by innovative technology, we are able to capture unparalleled and unfiltered insight into the experiences and perceptions of your workforce.

These virtual listening sessions combine the power of focus groups, quantitative surveys and interview methodologies in a highly engaging, safe, anonymous, and solutions-oriented forum.

Employee Voice SessionSM Traditional Focus Group

Collect quantitative and qualitative data

Complete anonymity

Collect Qualitative Data Only

Face to face sessions (non-anonymous)

Live feedback/probing of quantitative and qualitative data

Inability to collect/respond to quantitative data

Capacity to scale with ~50/session

Sessions can convene participants across locations and geographies

Lower capacity (15-20/session)

One location per session

Quantitative & qualitative thematic findings + solutions map

Qualitative thematic findings

Question sets are derived from cutting edge research and uncover professional priorities and engagement drivers in order to build culture solutions that really work.

Critical Moments EVS

During critical cultural moments, our proprietary Employee Voice Session (EVS) technology is a strategic tool to help you listen to the voices of your employees at a time when they are most impacted by current events such as the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes or the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.

Culture Assessment: Pinpoint your most complex, nuanced and stubborn talent challenges

Leading organizations rely on Seramount’s Culture Assessments to build a unique understanding of their employee experience and develop solutions that attract, engage and motivate today’s diverse workforce.

Culture Assessments are often leveraged as a starting point for talent strategies and can be designed to probe into specific areas of focus, assessing trends, root causes and dynamics surrounding a particular issue.

Employee voices are the cornerstone of our Culture Assessment.

Our experts leverage a range of data collection tools to target specific stakeholder groups and glean drill down insights, such as:

Employee Voice SessionsSM

Hear directly from employees in a safe and solutions oriented forum.

One-on-one interviews

Generate hypotheses for data-gathering, gain buy-in from key decision makers and gain leadership perspectives on the impact of DEI on the business.


Expand sample size, fill in knowledge gaps and drill down into key metrics.

A Culture Assessment yields a portrait of the employee experience by talent cohort (gender, race, level) illustrating motivators, success drivers and challenges, and career expectations, and guides our recommendations.

Benchmarking: Setting the standard for DEI best practices

Every year, through the Best Companies Lists application, we collect data from thousands of organizations that help set the new standard for DEI best practices. We investigate representation and advancement by race, ethnicity and gender as well as benefits and policies regarding caregiving, including parental leave, flextime, childcare and more.

This data enables us to provide high-level and detailed benchmarking insight across industries, company size, and benefit-specific policies and programs. We offer several custom benchmarking options, all of which include analysis that highlights strengths and pinpoints areas of opportunity.

Our questions are developed to probe deeply into the inner workings of your organization’s DEI practices. We focus on demographics (such as gender, race, location, religion, ability, sexual orientation, etc.), leadership accountability, and current programs and policies which will allow you to assess where you stand on key issues including:

  • Workforce profile
  • Paid time off and leave
  • Benefits and work-life programs
  • Recruitment, retention, and advancement
  • Flextime
  • Management accountability


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