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March 2020
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This page is updated regularly as new resources become available.

In this time of major disruption at work, at home and in our communities, Diversity Best Practices and our sister organizations, Culture@Work and Working Mother Research Institute, have been working hard to compile and create resources to support you as you navigate these unchartered waters. COVID-19 is disrupting everything, from workflows to revenue streams to supply chains and consumer demands. As a result, leaders need to constantly revisit priorities and goals, acting decisively and quickly as circumstances change. From supporting employees working remotely for the first time to keeping employees connected and engaged to mitigating bias in our workplaces and communities, our work could not be more important as it is right now.

To that end, we have created this page on our website to serve as a hub for resources we hope will make your jobs just a little bit easier. We will be updating it regularly and welcome your input. Please share any great resources you come across and/or strategies you are using at your organizations (or at home!) to address these challenges.

Be well and stay safe!

Resources for Practitioners

Reopening? D&I Considerations and Insights

Implications of COVID-19 and Bias

ERGs: Vital Resources in Time of Disruption and Crisis

Creating Safe Spaces Slide Deck from Culture@Work Web Seminar

HBR Guide to Working Remotely

Ways Leaders can Support Working Parents During Coronavirus. By Mita Malick, Head of Diversity and Cross-cultural Marketing, Unilever

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Making Mental Health & Wellness a Priority During COVID-19

Maintaining Social Cohesion in a Time of Social Distancing

Web Seminar Recording: Six Critical Steps for Leading Through Times of Crisis

On March 13, our team along with Culture@Work and Working Mother produced this web seminar that lays out six steps to leading through times of crisis. Although it is certainly relevant to our current situation, it is presented to be applicable to managing any major disruption in our workplaces or in our communities.

Resources for Working Parents from our sisters at

How to Work from Home with Kids

Parents in Dual-Career Families’ Best Advice for Getting Work Done and Caring for Kids at Home

How Working Moms Can Keep Calm in a Crisis for Their Kids and Work Team

To keep up to date with’s coverage of the Coronavirus crisis, click here.

Additional Resources

Seven Videos to Recharge Your Mind and Body

Diversity & Inclusion Must Remain Front and Center in a COVID-19 World

Disability:In has a dedicated page on their website for resources related to COVID-19. It is updated regularly.

Hispanic Star has made their website a clearing house to inform, provide resources, and facilitate joint action for the recovery of the Hispanic Community from COVID-19.

Jennifer Brown Consulting is hosting community calls twice a week to discuss ways to lead inclusively through times of crisis.

Rhodes Perry at Belonging at Work is also hosting weekly community calls.

Jessica Pettitt at Good Enough Now has been blogging regularly to provide tips (and some humor) to support practitioners during these times of disruption.

DBP Solutions@ Partner, Tanenbaum’s one-pager on how extremism is spreading with Coronavirus. They offer tips on how we all could help from the safety of our homes.

Mind Share Partners offers Workplace Mental Health Resources for leaders and teams.

Kessler Foundation’s COVID-19 resources page which highlights the impact of COVID-19 on people living with disabilities.

Lean In’s virtual resources on topics that matter most right now.

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