Best Practices

The 2019 DBP Inclusion Index

July 2019

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2019 DBP Inclusion Index

Now in its third year, the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index provides information to help organizations understand gaps in demographic representation and is a strategic roadmap to drive internal change to find and implement D&I solutions.

The Transparency and Demographics section represents 34 percent of the total score, and the Best Practices for fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment, Retention and Advancement and in Promoting a Company Culture that Values D&I sections represent 33 percent each.

When this index was started three years ago, its purpose was to challenge organizations to raise the bar and drive change. To encourage participation, we gave organizations credit for sharing their demographic data with us, regardless of what that data showed.

But the bar has been raised considerably in the past three years. We now give some points for sharing data (transparency) but increasingly award more points for having diversity (by race/ethnicity and gender) in senior levels and in areas of hiring and promotion.

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