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Gen Z Decoded: New Data on How Your Youngest Employees Want to Experience Work

February 2024

The executive summary and infographic identify and debunk five myths about Gen Z. These stereotypes can bias managers and colleagues alike against Gen Z employees. The research also uncovers five truths about Gen Z that will help leaders create a better, more inclusive workplace for all employees.

This research grew out of efforts within Seramount’s Chief Diversity Officer Collaborative, a community of committed leaders dedicated to creating authentic and sustained engagement with DEI both within and across their organizations, most of which are global. The goal was to understand the myths and realities behind Gen Z from an employer’s perspective, including what skills and beliefs they bring to the workplace and what they want from their organizations in return. Seramount’s research team reviewed more than 200 books and articles culled from academic journals and general news sources to understand current explorations of Gen Z. Then the team executed a series of Employee Voice Sessions (EVSs), Seramount’s innovative, anonymous virtual listening sessions. This research finds that Gen Z are ambitious, motivated, and often navigating biased expectations in the workplace.

Chief Diversity Officer Collaborative Gen Z Decoded New Data on How Your Youngest Employees Want to Experience Wo

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