Member Webinar: Black History Month 2023

February 1, 2023 | 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST Virtual
DBP Member Webinar
Event Information

From inspiring stories of individual achievement to business-driven initiatives and unique DEI strategies that support Black advancement, this engaging Black History Month webinar will celebrate and explore the successes across dimensions of diversity. During the program, you will gain valuable insights into how individuals and companies are innovating to fill the growing gaps through new programs and partnerships. Learn strategies from these bold leaders on how to be more inclusive, compassionate, and action-oriented in these times, while celebrating the current and future successes of the Black community.

This program, which will be equal parts inspiration and practical tips and tools, will feature stories that amplify and uplift the efforts of individuals, ERGs and organizations working to support Black people both at their companies and in the communities in which they serve.

Who Should Attend

    • ERG Leaders and Members

    • DEI Practitioners

    • HR and Talent Leaders

    • Advocates and Champions of Black Employees

Participants Will Hear

    1. From Human Behavior Specialist and PhD Curtis Jasper. Curtis will share his journey from learning and discovering his passion for mental health through his own personal tragedy. He will share how organizations can support the mental health of Black employees in their day-to-day lives at their organizations and how each of us can become better mental health advocates.

    1. From the ERG Leaders of Constellation Brands where they will be taking you through their ERG creation post-George Floyd’s murder & how they are pushing for creating more formalized spaces for Black employees at their company.

    1. From ERG Leaders & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion officers of Alight Solutions where they will be sharing how their Black ERG is leveraging the support of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office to support and advocate for Black employees.

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Xan Daniels - DEI Officer at Alight Solutions
Xan Daniels
Vice President, Inclusion and Diversity
Alight Solutions
Matt Deegan Headshot
Matt Deegan
Senior Vice President., Chief Sales Officer
Constellation Brands
Carmisha Foster Headshot
Carmisha Foster
Director in Human Resources
Constellations Brands
Curtis Jasper PhD, MEd, Rev
Executive Director
I AM International Inc
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Senior Director, Advisory
Kerri Joy Headshot
Kerri Joy
Director, Learning & Development
Constellation Brands
Chris King Headshot
Chris King
Sr. Project Manager – Global PMO
Alight Solutions
Lonette K. Merriman headshot
Lonette K. Merriman
as Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Constellation Brands
Siatta Ollison
Director, Health Solutions
Alight Solutions